Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! The decorations, the scents, the sounds! Yep I love them all. Christmas music in playing on my laptop, and our Christmas tree will go up today. This years theme is Patriotic. Each time my husband deploys and is gone for Christmas I always decorate the tree in Red, White and Blue ornaments. It's one of my most and least favorite trees. I love the way it looks, but it means Donnie is gone again. *sigh* I'll share pics either later tonight or tomorrow. =D

I have been making lots of Christmas-y items, so far my favorite is the gingerbread house and tradional-colored 1/6th scale Christmas tree.


  1. I love your little tree and gingerbread house. Sorry that Donnie will be away again this Christmas. Hope you will post photos of your red, white and blue tree?
    Come on over to my house and see how I've used some of the lovely little gifts you sent to me!

  2. Thanks Kathi, I will definitely post some pics of this years tree!


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