Sunday, May 22, 2011

MOTW and more dollhouse updates! =D

My poor nails looked like crap, but I've been so busy I hadn't had a chance to take care of them. After dinner, Hubby and I watched a movie with the kiddos so it was the perfect time to give my tips a fresh look. And fresh was exactly what I went for! Bright crisp green with some great sparkle and shimmer. I used LIME Alright by Piggy Polish as my base coat. I bought this one on clearance at Ulta a few months back and I don't see it on the Piggy Polish website. BUT...any creme lime green will work. LIME Alright is actually a matte polish and was a bear to apply. I have 3 coats on and honestly it's a little streaky. I am not sure if it's just this color or if all mattes apply like this. But it being matte is kind of a moot point since I added a top coat. Actually first I used a single coat of Sally Hansens Nail Prisms in South Sea Pearl to all nails but my ring fingers. On them I added a layer of Sinful Colors Call You Later. South Sea Pearl is a wonderful sheer polish with a blue/green shimmer and Call You Later has fine gold and green glitters as well as small green round glitters. I tested CYL and was able to achieve near opacity with 4 coats all by itself if you wanted. The Sinful Colors line is available at Walgreens for just $1.99!!! =D

On the dollhouse front I am nearer to completion! I finished laying the flooring for the 2nd story. This is the bathroom and secondary living room or rec room. Hubby and I found an awesome green 'tile' looking material for the bathroom floor. I ended up laying it twice as I realized quickly that the wood grain showed through the fabric after decoupaging the fabric down, so I yanked it up, layed down some gift wrap (white side up) and then reglue the fabric down. I used Mod Podge to both glue it down and to seal it. I put 3 coats on top. It looks amazing! The other room has a green dark sage green diamond patterened 'carpet'! The 3rd floor has also been done. These are the bedrooms and are stained in a pinkish stain on one side and a purplish one on the other. That layer also got a coat or varnish to seal it and make it shine! The 1st floor is drying now. We found a black and white checkerboard vinyl for the kitchen and the main living room will get the same 'carpet' as the 2nd floor! Tomorrow I will get the walls painted and then we can hopefully start assembly tomorrow evening!

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