Friday, July 1, 2011

Holy Smokes it's July already!!!! (wordy, wordy, wordy)

Where on earth did the time go???? Sorry to have been away so long, but right after my last post I celebrated my 34th birthday. (Yay me!! =D) Didn't really do anything special just tried to relax before leaving on vacation.
My husbands' family reunion was the 25th so we headed out on Wednesday. We had planned to be on the road by 10am... we hit the campground at 9am to hitch up our trailer and be off. Well we had purchased a solid-arm weight distributing sway bar to replace the standard towing package. We didn't think it would take very long to install it...well boy howdy were we wrong! It was almost 2pm by the time we got the thing hitched up and got on the road. (in hindsight, things like that should ALWAYS be done the day BEFORE you leave. Although thankfully we discovered the 'tricks' to it and are now able to hitch up and be ready to roll in less than 15 minutes! =D) So anyways we hit the road and were on track to miss rush hour traffic in Atlanta, except Mother Nature had other plans and threw a horrendous storm at us as we were hitting the outskirts of ATL. Traffic slowed to a crawl as we slogged through copious amounts of rain and huge wind gusts. Now ATL is not my favorite place to drive on a good day so needless to say this portion of our trip was not cool. Thank goodness my husband is an excellent driver and we made it through the storm without any issues. However since the weather had traffic slowed to between 15-25 miles an hour by the time the storm let up we were stuck in rush hour traffic. (yes it literally took us almost 2 hours to get through the outskirts of atlanta!!!)
What should have taken us 4 hours ended up taking us 7!!!! By the time we reached Northern GA and Vogel State Park it was 9:00pm and pitch black, oh yeah and btw it was pouring down rain again!!! We hit the park after hours and grabbed our reservation info off the Late Arrival Board. There was a map, which sadly was poorly designed and a notice.
What did said notice say... Be Bear Aware!!!! ( the note went on to advise that a black bear had been seen repeatedly in the park/camp and reminded folks not to leave food out! Ugh talk about freaking me out. Thank goodness we found a pull through site right across from the comfort station! It was late and raining so we didn't even bother to unhook the truck fromt he trailer. We dropped the jacks (in the rain!) and settled in for the night. Within an hour we were all in bed!
I'll post about Thursday's journey either later tonight or tomorrow. Bye for now, friends

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  1. Wow, doesn't it always seem to take longer for trips than you expect it to take? :( Sounds like you hit the rain we had as we were returning home from our journey. What kind of a camper do you have? And, did you see any bears? (shudders)


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