Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And a big old check mark goes through...

 The Barbie dress I mentioned yesterday!  Yeppers I got it finished today and it looks gorgeous! This fabric is just fabulous and very Fall worthy.  Ironically this dress has been cut out and ready to be sewn for over a year!  I decided not to add any kind of embellishments to it as I thought the pattern was enough...although now I'm thinking a black velvet belt might look really good!

This dress is being modeled by the lovely Anja who is an Integrity Playline head on a Barbie Fashionista body.  Integrity is the parent company (I think) of those VERY expensive, often haughty looking Fashion Royalty girls.  While I cannot afford a FR girl and never thought to look for these playline versions online as I never really cared for their snooty looks, this beautiful girl was sent to me by an awesome friend as a gift...and well what can I say, I am in love with her!  My Anja doesn't look snooty at all, just more serious that her smiling Barbie counter-parts.

Here is a close-up of the dress.  It's made from a printed quilter's cotton in black with the cream, goldenrod, sage and burgundy accent colors.

This dress has a rather large flair at the hemline, and I am debating making her a crinoline/tutu type under skirt, just for a little playful edge.

I have about 5 or 6 more of this same design cut out and prepped to go. (also from that same year ago pre-move period)  Over the next few weeks I want to finish them all and get them listed as well!

Here is another shot of Anja...isn't her hair fabulous???  The only problem I have with her is that her head is a bit loose on this body and all that hair tends to pull her head back, making any pose other than this chin-down one VERY difficult to do!

But I had to get her off her original body, as she had the old style solid arms and click kneed rubber legs!  This body suits her so much better! 

Now if only I can figure out how to weight the front of her head a bit to allow better posing.  Being shy only lasts so long!  This girl needs to SHINE!

And in other news...I shockingly played around this morning...but I was productive and made a couple dozen more colored pencils...now in 26 different colors!!!

Plus I decided that instead of just coating each one with clear nail polish, I'd use a coat or two of a corresponding color instead!  And um yes, I have more than enough colors of polish to create and entire palette of artist's colors!

I think I should be embarrassed by how many bottles of polish I actually have, especially since my nails are naked more often than not!

I really need to get back into the habit of doing my nails at least once a week!  But that is neither here nor there.  I think I have decided to offer the pencils loosely, in groups of 12, 24 and custom sets. A custom set will allow the customer to order certain shades...say all greens, or all purples of such.  I am also going to be working on tubes of paints, paint palettes, possibly bottles of paint as well as things like sketch pads, and eventually easels as well! Oooh and drawing pencils too!

Well friends I'm off to plan my day tomorrow, and then off to bed!  Thanks for reading along!


  1. Beautiful dress- I think you should add the crinoline- that would be so darn cute! I am wondering if these dresses you are making for Barbies would fit my Blythe- she has a Licca body. I'm not really sure how close that is to Barbie- I'm not very good at all the differences :) I love the colored pencils with the nail polish- they rock!!!!

  2. Kim, I think I AM going to make a crinoline for it! But I got a couple commissions last night that need to come first. If this picture is a good comparison of the Licca body versus the Barbie, then there is a very good possibilty that it might indeed fit your Blythe. I don't have a Blythe or a Licca body to try it out on though. Have you tried Barbie clothes on her before? If so, how do those fit?

  3. hooray- I think it needs the crinoline :) Of course- I like over the top! Most Barbie clothes fit close- often the arms are too long for some reason. I think if you do some for your shop eventually in this size I might want to try some out- please keep me in mind if you end up making some in that size and listing them. My poor Blythe has a very small wardrobe so far and I would love to have some things made by people I know. Don't stress though-I'm not in a hurry--just interested when you do get to them :)

  4. I found a couple inexpensive Licca bodies on ebay, so I will most likely pick one up at some point. I like the idea of being able to make clothes and fit various bodies. I know there is a HUGE market for clothes for these style bodies as well! I will attempt to remember it was YOU who inquired about them, once I do! =D

  5. thank you- you rock- and so do your creations :) Have a super day!!!!

  6. *blushing* aww thank you! I'm just thrilled that people like the things I make enough to want to add them to their own collections!

    You have a great day too, I'm off to get working on these commissions!

  7. Make a sticker with her name on it (for Licca doll) and tape it to her doll body with with blue painter's tape. It won't leave a glue mess.

  8. LOL, well that makes too much sense! =D Brilliant suggestion, indeed!

  9. Love the dress and like the ideas of the crinoline and black velvet belt.

    How about trying museum wax for her head?

  10. love your blog..i have found that if you remove the head and take a rubber band and wrap around the neck stem..near the top..it will tighten up the head..i hate a loose head!

  11. Thank you James! :-)

    Now why did I not think of the rubber band trick! Off to try that and see if that helps! :-)

  12. Love that flirty hem - I can see why this wouldn't leave you alone. It's fab ! Love the print and how it flares - stellar work !

    Can't wait to see the others once you get 'em stitched up...and the crinolines are gonna be adorable !

    PS - Thanks for your encouragement during 'Boyfiends Week' - and all the rest of the time !

  13. Thanks Dorrie! I love that material and will be making some MH pieces from it as well. I really like the flare as well, but will be altering the pattern to make a more stream-lined version as well!

    It's my pleasure to encourage you, you have a ton of talent and I love to see each piece you create. You inspire me to sew more every day! I'm always around to chat too! =D


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