Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missed it by THAT much.

So last week's goals were:
  1. finish the Barbie dress DONE!!!
  2. list 10 items in my shop  *um nope not even close...although I listed another Reserved piece...does that count?*
  3. sculpt a dragon (commission) *shifted to THIS weeks list*
  4. design & sew a Glam Hotel/Vacation outfit (commission)-- FINISHED!!!!
  5. complete Parisian Picnic with Monster High Theme-- FINISHED!!!! 
So I didn't get nearly everything finished, and I'm not even going to make excuses although I could. BUT I won't...so do you wanna see what I did get done?  I hope so! The Glam Hotel/Vacation outfit was a commissioned set for a friend to use as a Secret Santa gift.  Her recipient loves Monster High and is going a glamorous hotel setting, so my customer wanted some kind of travel outfit.  The color requested was turquoise with accents of yellow. 

Originally I had planned a top and skirt, but when my friend saw the sketch she asked about trousers instead.  The main outfit I created was this matching pants suit in a mottled turquoise cotton. I trimmed the top with black satin ribbon.  To complete the main look I added teh yellow and turquoise strappy heels, a chunky yellow bangle, a gold bangle, the yellow Swarovski crystal pendant and the gold trimmed sunglasses.

I love the shape of that top but ended up sewing it 3 times!!!  I had forgotten, until I was nearly done, that the original pattern fit the MH girls rather poorly and I needed to alter it.  Thankfully version one fits my larger bodied girl Nefera very well!

I also sewed up this black trimmed halter top as an alternative top.  I honestly think I prefer this second piece more than I like the original one! LOL

My friend likes everything and is looking forward to sending it to her Secret Santa partner!

Next up was the Scarisian Picnic.  To those not in the Monster High loop...Scaris, (the city of frights) is the setting for the newest line of dolls as well as a new movie due out next year Trailer here. Scaris is the monster take on Paris.  My very patient customer has been waiting several months for this bit as I searched for, and created the various pieces.  In this picnic we have 2 bottles of Spark-ing cider, 2 empty goblets, 2 baguettes, a wheel of Scree! cheese (brie), 2 square plates and a bunch of grapes.

One of the thinks that held up the process on this commission was the basket...It was very hard to find a basket that was the size I needed that didn't have either a giant Barbie head emblem or ridiculous molded bows on it...or that fit our budget!  At one point I thought I was going to have to make the basket myself!  (I was not looking forward to that process!)  But in the end I found the perfect piece!  ------->

It was originally a very pale pink, I use acrylic model paints and custom painted it in the Monster High colors at my customer's request!  I just LOVE the way it turned out!
 The other delaying factor was dessert...I had one heck of a time coming up with a dessert that screamed "Scaris!". Of course it also needed to be something that was transportable...you wouldn't necessarily take a slice of cake or pie on a picnic and cupcakes don't really give off a French vibe...and them it hit me: macarons!!!

A lot of people when asked about french pastries will often bring up macarons from Laduree.  So I created the monsterfied version...Muckarons from Clawduree! :-)

My mini versions definitely need to be perfected better as the shape isn't quite right...but I think they are adorable!  To monster them up a bit I added a spiderweb design to the pink one...it's filled with shock-late ganache, the black one filled with slime cream for a skull and the white one with strawscary jam got a hot pink lightning bolt! I created 2 custom little boxes lined with gold tissue paper to house them.  

This set is winging it's way to New Zealand as you read this...It's going to live with an amazing photographer and I simply cannot wait to see what he does with them! 


  1. wow- you got a lot done! I love the traveling outfit and the picnic accessories are soooo awesome- I really really love the Muckarons! Brilliant- all of it- I had to enlarge the pictures and get all the little details :)

  2. Thanks Kim, you know it's kind of funny, because until I put it all down on paper it seems like nothing got done last week and I don't like feeling like I've wasted my time. But I guess I need to remember that while I only crossed off 2 items on my list, each of those items contained several smaller bits...
    Must remember to look at the big picture!

  3. I do the same thing- I think it always looks like less to ourselves than it does to others. I think you got a ton done- it would have probably taken me the whole week just to do the grapes-lol! If I don't see you post again before thursday have a super Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  4. Oddly enough the grapes came together really quickly...it was the silly brie cheese that gave me the most trouble...between getting the color and the texture right, it was a bit of a pain! LOL But in the end I am very happy with the whole set!

    I am hoping to post again before Thanksgiving, but if not, you and yours have a blessed day and if you are heading out on Friday, be safe!

  5. thanks for Following me!
    your Food and Clothes are so cute and realistic!

  6. I love it ! It's great that you have done for the picnic ! Bravo ! And I'm filled with admiration for these macarons ^ _ ^


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