Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's late but...

I hope everyone here in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a calm Black Friday.  Ours was a quiet day spent just hanging out doing what we normally do.  I did cook a turkey and all the fixings (except the stuffing/dressing and green bean casserole as the rest of the family vetoed those) One one hand it was weird cooking a full meal and not having a house full of people, but we enjoyed it.  Especially since this will most likely be our oldest son's last Thanksgiving at home.  He is currently midway through the enlistment process to join the Army.  We are very proud of him and considering he wants to become a Veterinary Tech, we think he will do fabulously!  He has quite a knack with

As far as yesterday went... I stayed home...I have gone out shopping a few times in the past the day after Thanksgiving, but it doesn't hold any real draw for I slept in and then made homemade donuts when the kids got up! ;-)

Today started off with a trip the post office...I had 2 orders for my miniature resin hot chocolates, a box of extra clay and a gorgeous custom Monster High dress!

My customer asked me to create an all white Winter Fairy-Princess style dress with a corset style top.

I love corsets and really was excited about this one.  Granted it took me 3 tries to get the top almost how I wanted it.  I tend to get frustrated with myself because I think I set my expectations too high.  There are so many things that just cannot be done in this size because properly scaled materials are just not available. :-(  But in the end I am very happy with this piece, but more importantly my customer is happy as well!  

I used a crepe satin that I at some point had stiffened (possibly to make wings ?!?)  But the stiffer fabric worked really well for the corset.  I created 2 parallel lines of stitching down the front and the wove white crochet thread through to create the faux corset lacings.

The skirt is 3 layers, well technically 4 as the bottom layer of tone on tone white cotton is folded in half. The next layer is an iridescent mesh layer and the top is a layer of white tulle.

I think it creates a fanciful skirt without looking like a tutu!

The dress closes in the back with 2 snaps and has a permanently tied over sized white satin ribbon bow at the back!

I also create a Swarovski crystal drop necklace and a couple of bracelets for this outfit.

The dress is destined to become part of a customized Monster High doll that will be a Christmas gift to the customer's adult daughter.

I hope she will share pictures of the final doll with me!

I spent last night after I finished packing up all my orders playing with repainting doll shoes. i am having a blast turning out lots of pairs of customized shoes...I think I am going to start offering them for sale, but I'm not sure.  Shoes can get rather pricey for the stock pieces and I'm not sure if it will be worth it for me to replace them to continue offering more.   Yet another thing to ponder for 2013.

Well time for me to get back to work...I seem to have misplaced the rest of the tiny mini marshmallows I made for hot cocoas and I'd honestly rather just make more than tear my desk apart trying to find the other bag! LOL


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