Friday, September 26, 2014

A Peek into Lena's Closet

Ok so there really isn't a closet for Lena yet, it's more of a shoe box, but it's her wardrobe, so I figured that title was better than "A Peek into Lena's Clothes Box!" LOL ;-)

While I was pulling stuff off my desk so I could get started on Zoey's outfit. (Sorry had to correct my post from yesterday, I had the Polka Dot outfit going to the wrong sister!) I found pieces cut out and pinned for 2 separate denim mini skirts.  So I took a quick break after sewing the body suit to sew up these 2 cut denim skirts.

Both skirts are stretchy which allows them to just pull on with now snaps or zippers.  (Gotta LOVE stretch denim!)  I used fold over elastic to trim out the waistband on each one.  Then finished off the hemlines with a pretty multicolored floral lace on the left one and a lovely sheer black chiffon flounce on the other one.

I have tons of various laces, ribbons and elastic, so I foresee loads of these quick cute skirts in my future!

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