Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello Kitty Couture part 1

Today we continue our peek into Lena's wardrobe and check out one of the Hello Kitty items I made last week.

First up is this cute little strapless bodysuit/swim suit.  I've made another piece with this pattern before but don't recall having as much trouble with it as I did on this piece.  It's a simple pattern really, just 3 pieces.  The front is 2 pieces with the bust area being sewn in separately.  I used a 4-way stretch knit with this fabulous Hello Kitty bow print.  Wanna know where I got it?  It was a stretchy BOOK COVER!!!!  :-)  There are loads of colors and patterns available all over the place right now.  And the book covers run any where from 75 cents to $2.  Which is a great deal for 4-way stretch knit!

This particular run of this pattern gave me loads of trouble through the top bust area, it was really big and gapp-y.  So I used some ruffled elastic and hand sewed it in place stretching as I sewed to tighten up the bust area.  Thankfully that worked.  Actually it worked so well that I didn't even need to add shoulder straps.

Lena borrowed the black lace skirt I sewed for Zoey to show off how the bodysuit looked under clothing.  We all agreed that it truly looks fabulous!  I love the adorable bow print and the black lace at the top just caps it off perfectly!  I also like how the top comes to little points at the shoulder area, almost like little cat ears!

Tomorrow I'll share the slinky dress I made from this same fabric!

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