Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello Kitty Couture Part 2

   Since I had the Hello Kitty stretchy book cover out I figured I pull out the pattern for my slinky dress.

  I used it in the early Spring with t-shirt knit material to make one of the first 1/4 scale outfits when Abbie first arrived.  It sewed up really easily and to my knowledge without any issues.

  Version 2 did not sew up to look anything like this first version!  I have no idea what I did differently this time, hmm, to be honest I'm truly not even sure if I DID use the same pattern. I could swear that I did but as you'll see in the next photo, the 2 dresses couldn't be any more different from each other.  BUT that is quite ok as I love the way the Hello Kitty dress turned out!

See this one looks nothing like the green one above!  But this has turned into one of my favorite pieces I've recently sewn!  The dress needed some serious alterations after I finished sewing it 'correctly'.  It was super loose and baggy.  And I just new with Lena's gorgeous figure and the fantastic stretch of this material it just screamed to be a lovely 'body conscious' figure-hugging dress.  I ended up taking in the back which created some neat angled seam action on the back that I just love.  I am still considering adding a lovely fluffy black bow at the back.    Lena loves the way it hugs her curves and she paired it with a gorgeous fluffy sparkly white wrap since it was a little on the chilly side when we went out for pictures.


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