Sunday, January 8, 2017

I've gone to the dogs!!!!

I love finding things that aren't designed for dolls and being able to repurpose them.  Today's find I am sharing are some adorable Christmas Tree Ornaments I found at a local craft shop.

Aren't these little pooches just adorable?  They are perfectly sized for 1/4 scale dolls. (Adult dolls that range from 15-19")  The 'breeds' I found were from left to right: Lab Mix, Yellow Lab, Newfoundland and a Maltese. I think last year I found a few different breeds as well, but they are packed and I can't recall what they were.

Since they are so perfect for the 1/4 scale I have decided to make up some doggy accessories and will be offering them in my shop shortly!

I started with the Maltese as I thought she was just so cute. She got a permanent pink collar with silver heart tag.  She will also come with a matching pink leash that is the perfect length for strutting around town.

She is pictured here sitting in the lap of my JID girl Mari.

All of the dogs will come with that permanent collar with choice of collar color as well as tag shape, either Silver Round or Silver Heart.

In addition to the collar and leash, each pooch will arrive with full food and water dishes. (I mean every new puppy needs food and water!)

I also found in my stash some elastic cording that made the PERFECT chew toys!!!

I am considering adding a pet bed to the grouping as well, but am not entirely sure about that.  Any one have any suggestions?
Right now as the sets stand each listing will run $15 plus shipping.  They will be more expensive if I add a bed, but I might also just offer those as add-ons. *shrugs*

I hope to have these listed by the end of the week!  (Once I do, I'll come back and add a link!)

On the left is Ethan Richardson.  He owns a small hobby farm just outside of town and can be found at the weekly Farmer's Market.  He recently adopted this adorable Newfoundland puppy, but hasn't quite come up with a name for him.  On the right is Mari. She and Ethan recently started dating after meeting at the Farmer's Market.  Mari is currently fostering the adorable Maltese while she waits for her forever home! <3 p="">
Ethan is a Wilde Imagination Rufus Rutter and Mari is an Iplehouse JID Tatiana

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