Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Two out of 3 ain't bad

Well the world didn't really cooperate today. I couldn't sleep last night so ended up awake until almost 4. Hubby had to be up by 5 for work. Oldest (still at home any ways) had to be up at 6 for school, and then when I went to get the youngest up at 7 he was sick.  Slight fever, stuffy nose, and sore throat. :-( Poor kiddo. So I gave him some medicine and sent him back to bed. I wasn't far for my own bed and napped until about 11.  Not a great way to start the day, but well I needed the sleep. (Of course there is a good chance I won't sleep tonight either, but...c'est la vie. *shrugs*)

 BUT even with that, I was rather productive today!
The Twilight Sparkle outfit is now 100% complete!  I painted the cutie mark on the skirt, as well as the argyle print on her leg warmers.

While this picture doesn't show the buttons, I have sewn them on.  She got 3 vintage mother of pearl buttons down the front.

I am just thrilled with how her outfit came together and turned out!

I also got the Pinkie Pie outfit about 90% finished. I sewed the turquoise knit bolero jacket today, gave the big heart a light coat of pink paint to bring the color to the shade I wanted.

I also hand painted her balloon cutie mark today too! I LOVE her balloons!  They are just adorable!

All that's left is to make her boots.  That's on tomorrow's agenda!

While I started out these outfits less than enthused about creating them. I am so glad that I did!  They were a bit of a unique challenge, but they have turned out even better than I anticipated!

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