Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving forward when I last left you I was working on a cowgirl hat for an 18" American Girl doll.  I have given up on making my own and broke down and bought a tan one from ebay that I will customize.  The patterns I was using just were not working out no matter what I did to them.  Some times you have to know when something is beyond your talents and abilities.

Needless to say that put me in a funk for a couple of days.  Today I decided to set Applejack aside and decided to work on one of the other characters.  Twilight Sparkle.
She's a cutie!  I found the perfect pattern for her top and set to working on it this morning.  I will be honest, I was having a hard time getting into this commission, but Twilight Sparkles' outfit just seemed to flow together, so I am feeling more motivated.

Not counting the breaks and FB game playing I did, the top only took a couple of hours and the puffed sleeves actually went together really easily. (I am not a fan of sleeves! LOL)
 I made a little bow that goes at the neckline which I adore!

The last piece I finished today was the pleated skirt.  I went pretty simple here and just hemmed a long rectangle of the deep purple cotton.  Then I figured out where I wanted my pleats, pinned and ironed them in place.  Sewed a couple of hems (shortened the skirt a couple of times to get the look I wanted) and then it was all done.
The skirt will get a hand painted 'Cutie Mark' tomorrow.  I will be making hand painted leg warmers as well to go atop some premade black flats.Oh and the top will get a couple of buttons down the front as well!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have this outfit finished and move on to either Pinkie Pie or head back to Apple Jack!


  1. Hi! I can't sew at all, so I really admire those of you who have been gifted with that skill. The outfit really looks like Twilight's.

    I'm happy to see that you're blogging again!

  2. Thank you so much Monster Crafts! I have missed blogging, but it always felt like a chore. So I decided to remind myself this was for fun! (And so far it has been!)

    I am so glad to know that someone else sees Twilight in the outfit. Next up, painting her cutie park! :-)


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