Monday, January 23, 2017

Swirly, Twirly Pinky Pie

I completed the last piece of sewing needed for yesterday's Twilight Sparkle (TS) outfit, her leg warmers.  Tomorrow I will add the buttons on the front and paint on her cutie mark on her skirt as well as the argyle design on her leg warmers.  But by the end of the day TS should be all finished!                    

I gotta say I just love how her outfit turned out!  It's super cute on it's own, but is a pretty faithful representation of the character.

  Next on my agenda was Pinkie Pie! (PP)
I had originally planned to make a shirt and skirt for PP as well, but once I got started, well it just didn't sit right.  So I revamped my plans, adjusted my patterns and made some on the fly decisions.

Had a couple minor issues, (Sewing bias tape around small scale corners and curves is not easy! :-( And yeah accidentally sewing the skirt portion on backwards the first time was a bit of a drag! lol) but I persevered and Pinkie Pie is almost done as well.

              I even got so far as to paint the big heart on the bodice of her top.  I custom mixed a pinkie lavender shade that nearly matches the satin skirt portion too!

I'm not entirely happy with the heart so I think tomorrow I will add just a light layer of shimmer.

While that is drying I will get started on the turquoise bolero jacket she wears and her boots.

Those boots are going to be interesting, as there are no patterns out there (at least not in AG scale) for similar boots, so I'm going to take an existing pattern for a plain boot and customize them!  
Wish me luck!!!
Once her boots are finished all that will be left for PP will be her cutie mark on her skirt. :-)  And then it's back to tackling AppleJack!   

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