Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday at last.

Ah Thursday, the week is almost done. ALmost time for another weekend. Not sure where this week went. I had planned on doing so much more than I actually did this week. The weather sure didn't help any. Thankfully today is a bright clear sunny day. Still I slept kinda late, well actually that isn't true I lounged in bed and read a book. (Master of Dragons by Angela Knight...she is a fantastic paranormal romance writer) But I should've been doing any number of other things, but darn if reading sounded so much more appealing than vacuuming! lol

Well I'm off here shortly to go help put together goodie bags for returning soldiers. The littlest one is staying home with the oldest, who is home sick from school. (can't help wondering if he had a test today. lol I can so remember doing that as a teenager myself. LOL But since he hardly ever asks to stay home I indulge him. ;-) ) So I'm off for a little while to do some work and try and stay out of the camera's eye. The local media comes in and covers activities like these surrounding Troop Homecomings.

I'm hoping to get to claying some more this evening. So hopefully tomorrow I'll have some new pictures for you. oooh just remembered I need to put the pot roast in the crock pot. That would've been bad! LOL Thanks again for popping in and reading my little blog. Talk with y'all later.

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