Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday, friday! Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I'm doing pretty good myself...feeling a little woozy, (so please excuse any typos! ;-) ) I was bad and forgot to eat today! Yikes, now before any one starts yelling, I have eaten dinner and am starting to feel better. But B and I went out shopping today, and aside from a few samples at Sam's Club and a bag of Giant Chewy Nerds I forgot to eat! I get like that sometimes when I get busy. So by the time I got back from grocery shopping (6:45) I was pretty dizzy. Hubby yelled at me! (not really, but he was worried, and made sure I ate as soon as the groceries got put away! ) I love him, he's so sweet. :-) But other than that today went well, my cupboards, fridge and freezer are nice and full again, and I did pretty good with my budget too. Tomorrow I'll spend the day catching up on laundry, my oh so favorite chore! NOT!!! And working with my clay, now there is a fun way to spend the day. I am going to make some smaller scale 'chocolates' and plan on making them into beads. I think I will even string them into some jewelry. I am also gonna try to put together a heart shaped box filled with them too. I'm thinking Valentine's day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, until tomorrow!

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