Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello Again

I thought I'd add a little update to my day. Yep I managed to stay out of the camera's eye...mostly. Our local tv station interviewed me about how the various units all come together when 1 group comes home. I have no idea how it looked as I don't actually get that channel! lol

I didn't get any claying done tonight either as our middle sons' school had Astromony Night tonight. So the youngest and oldest stayed home with Dad while H. and I went over to the school. It was really neat. Thankfully the sky was cloudless, so we were treated to a fantastic showing. We saw the craters on the moon, Venus; who shines super bright, and the Orion Nebula through their high powered telescopes!!! We also had a chance to find Orion the Hunter, his dog Cirius, and his target Taurus the Bull. The woman from the observatory also pointed out Gemini, Beetlejuice, Pleidaes (the 7 sisters which looks like a tiny Little Dipper) and Bellatrix. (yep just like the character from Harry Potter!) H had a wonderful time searching the sky. I must admit I did too. I am contemplating getting the family a decent telescope. I think that it would be a great way to spend some quality time together. And we are lucky that even thought we live close to the city, we tend to still have very little light interference! I'll have to talk to the hubby about that one though. Maybe for Christmas next year.

Well I think for now I am off to go play games on Yes I am completely and totally addicted to this site. (Thanks Mug! lol) And most nights I can be found playing there. so for tonight...Goodnight, stay warm and peaceful dreams!

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