Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi everyone. I'm Deborah and am completely new to the art of blogging. :-) So be patient with me while I get the hang of things.

So let's see, how about a little about me? I'm 31, and happily married to the man of my dreams. It'll be 10 years for us this November. We have 3 sons. (14, 7, and 4) My husband has 14 years in the Army, with the last 6 being spent in Southern Georgia. We both love it down here and will most likely retire and settle in this area.

When I am not doing family things, I can most likely be found crafting, reading or playing online. I love to craft and have dabbled in dozens of different crafts. Everything from counted cross-stitch, sewing and crochet, to scrapbooking, painting and beaded jewelry. My current passion is polymer clay!

I started working with polymer clay about a year and a half ago. I bought some clay intending to make beads and pendants to add to my beaded jewelry work. I needed a quick gift for someone and decided to throw together a little bunny. (atleast I think it was a bunny, lol) So after searching the net and finding a tutorial I sculpted the little guy...and no surprise had a blast doing it! Actually I had way more fun making that little bunny than I did with any of the other beads I had made, soooo I went out and bought; over the course of a year, just about every book on polymer clay out there. I have books from Donna Kato (http://www.katopolyclay.com/ ), Maureen Carlson ( http://www.weefolk.com/ ), Christie Friesen ( http://www.cforiginals.net/ )Lisa Pavelka (http://www.heartinhandstudio.com/ ) , and Judy Belcher ( http://judybelcher.blogspot.com/ ) just to name a few!

I have been inspired by all of these amazing artists, as well as the dozens of people I have met through various yahoo groups I belong to. The thing I love most about the polymer clay community, is the fact that the masters are so wonderfully open and willing to share their techniques, tips and trade secrets. I have yet to come across an artist that wasn't willing to answer a question about how they did something. I think I have finally found the craft medium that I can stick with for a long time! :-)

About 6 months about I opened a webstore on Etsy.com ( www.dlsarmywife.esty.com ) I was so excited, as within an hour I recieved my first sale, and on top of that it was a custom order going to PORTUGAL!!!! Talk about exciting! Over the past few months I have sold several pieces online, many heading overseas, as well as quite a few pieces here locally. I have so much fun working with my clay that most days it doesn't even feel like work at all. I have done several more commisioned pieces, with rave reviews. I really enjoy creating something special for someone. I try to make my pieces one of a kind even if I am doing several of the same style pieces. That way even if two people buy or recieve the same figure, each one is unique.

Wow I've rambled on for quite a bit now, so I guess I should call it quits before I bore y'all to tears! So Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you will check in to see what's new.
Thanks and Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hey Deborah, I stumbled on your site and remember you from my Military Scrapbooking days. ZYour work is beautiful!


  2. Hey Korin! Hope you are doing well these days. Thanks for your compliments. :-)


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