Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Work---Loads of pictures

I've been busy the last couple days. And you know, I have noticed when working in miniature all day working doesn't seem to make much! LOL But I am having so much fun making them! So I think I will just jump into the pics. First there is a great Red Hat Society chapeau. ;-) Can't you just picture some sassy lady wearing this! Next are my cheeseburgers. Lettuce, tomato and pickle please! Yes I FINALLY got around to making bread! I figured since I was making buns I might as well make some loaves too. I made a pair of rustic rounds, 2 italian loaves and a pair of crusty baguettes. Then there are the pumpkins, some fresh from the patch. The bigger ones have already been carved and are ready to be set out on the front porch. Last in the goodies I made, we have a bowl filled with candy corn. My hubby loves them. The bowl was also sculpted by me. Each candy corn is barely 1/12 of an inch long, yep that's one twelfth, tiny, tiny, tiny! They were a pain to make, but they are just adorable, so I will be making more.

These next 5 pictures are of some of the great goodies I got in the mail today...I purchased everything but the quilt shop sign. That was custom made for me by my friend Carolyn. It will hang outside the shop I am making my mom as a combined 60th Birtday & Christmas gift. let's see the other pics...the jugs are just too funny, I think they will find their way into a miniature halloween scene I will be working on shortly. The brass bed and pink & white dinette set were found on ebay...both need a little work but I got them for a song. I am actually hoping to use the bed as a template per se to try my hand at making my own. The dinette is going to get different cushions and possibly a coat of matte black paint. (I love the wrought iron look!) The quilt on the bed will go into Mom's quilt shop. Rug and pillow will find a home somewhere I am sure.
oooh the jars were found on etsy. The clear marbles will become crystal balls, and yard gazing balls. And how cool is that jar holding all that ribbon!!!
Lastly is this little cutie, I made him, but he's not miniature. He sits almost 2 inches tall, and will hold a sign...the book his design came from had him saying 'trick or treat, smell my feet', I'm also considering 'Where's my mummy?' or 'I'm all wrapped up in you!' I would love to know what y'all think! Thanks for reading through. I'm off to read through my dashboard and see what everyone is up too. Until tomorrow. =D


  1. Great work Deb !!! You're a true artist & I'm fascinated with your minis !
    BTW got myself one of those little mummies too ;)

  2. WOW!! You have been busy! Love the bread, it's so addicting to make, I want to try wheat next:) Those candy corns are perfect!! And so are th epumpkins!! I love how you carved them out!!

    The mummy came from the book that I got my babies out of! I saw him, and thought he was so cute! You did such a good job with him!! :) And that pumpkin sitting in front! I like the "I'm all wrapped up in you!" saying, that's cute!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Ban, I am so addicted to mini's it's not even funny. It's gotten to be a challenge to make things larger in size! LOL
    Katie, thanks. I love this book, I recognized your babies right away. I think I am gonna try making this little fella even smaller. The pumpkins were fun, but I'll tell you making them hollow was a pain! LOL Not sure if I'm gonna make any more of them. The candy corns were a pain to, but just because they are so small. I still have a couple inches of cane left so I will be making more of them for sure.
    I think I have decided to use the quote you liked too. I just think it's adorable. =D

  4. Hi Deb, and thanks for visiting my blog too!
    I love all of the minis you make! That candy corn is so cute! I'm hoping to try to do some clay in the future. I really enjoy seeing what you make! The dolls are beautiful! Love the hair!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!


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