Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This weekends goodies (PICTURE HEAVY)

I finally got around to sitting down at my craft table. I have been in a funk lately. I NEED to sculpt, but every time I sit down I make maybe one thing and then get frustrated. my brain just doesn't seem to want to co-operate. But I made myself sit down this weekend and just started sculpting. I started out with this little purple gal...she is bald right now, but will get viscose hair after she baked. I made her a little matching bow that will get glued into her hair too. Then I sculpted another mini Kudzu's Whimzy style dragon, this time in red. (I really need to sit down and wing all these little guys!) Next came a santa hat ornament (it'll get a jingle bell and white fluffy trim to finish), and a red stocking with striped trim. (it'll get fluff too!) Oooh before all this I used the sest of my raggedy doll 'socks' cane to make some floral pieces...these will get pin backs to them.
Next came a CF-style dragon piece. I have left the wings open to hold a cord if someone wants it strung, But I like it as a sculpture! lol
And last but not least more bacon and eggs for a diner scene. Oh and I finished my diner plates. A burger, pile of fries and a dollop of ketchup!I also finished a fall stew, and a raspberry cream cake =D

Now gonna read over my blog posts and then back to the sculpting table!


  1. Wish I had someone like you here to play clay with me!! Seeing all your stuff makes me want to pull the clay back out! Thanks for the inspiration!

    The bacon and eggs looks great, and so do the hamburgers!! Yum-mie!!!

  2. Thanks Katie...I'd love to have someone here to clay with too!
    I'm glad you liked my goodies! They were fun to make!

  3. MMMM Deborah, these look good enough to eat! Still finding my way around lol.

  4. Thanks Jackie! I'm still finding my way around too. But it sure is fun! =D


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