Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Meet Giselle Amastacia

Giselle is a half-elf, being raised by her human mother. Amastacia means starflower in Elven. She is delicate and ethereal like her father, but carries her mothers rich auburn hair. She is currently pondering which jewels she will wear to this evenings ball. Tawny her dragon sits quietly in her lap, enjoying Giselle's petting.

Giselle is a porcelain 1:12th scale miniature doll. She is dressed in a green velvet dress with black velvet trim. her shoes are painted on and have a gorgeous iridescent green shimmer. Her beautiful auburn hair is viscose fiber. Which BTW I am now in LOVE with! LOL

Orah came down from her perch as I was photographing Giselle and Tawny. Orah doesn't like Giselle, even appears a bit annoyed with her, well technically I think she is annoyed with me.

"You need to fix my hair!!!" She hollered at me while glaring at Giselle.

"But, I thought you liked your hair?" I asked

"Her (said with her nose wrinkled) hair looks way better than mine does. Fix it!!!)

"But I only have red, you don't want to have the same color hair that she does, do you?"

Thinking for a moment, "well no, so buy dark black, just like this, oooh and maybe some gold highlights. hmmmm can we...pleeeeeease"

Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble, but compared to Giselles' sleek 'do, I have to agree with Orah. So I am off to find viscose fibers in other colors!!!


  1. Absolutely lovely! I love the hair! Did you learn to wig from Dana? She's the best!!! LOL! I think I'm now 82 on your followers! Keep up the great work on your dolls! I'll be watching! LOL!

  2. Thanks Heather...yup I sure did. Dana's tutorials are fantastic! I am so excited about receiving my new viscose. Don't tell Orah I said this, but compared to Giselle's hers looks terrible. But viscose is coming, so now I need to go study up on Dana's techniques...Orah won't happy unless her hair looks better than Giselles'! LOL


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