Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I've been doing lately

I finally have some pictures of the little figures I've creating over the last few days.
Inspired by 2 custom sets of miniature Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, (the tallest is just over an inch tall) I made a miniature teddy bear and a tiny elephant, The unicorn is also for the customer who ordered the Raggedy dolls. (I'll share pics of them after I finish painting them.

Also there is a tiny Chocolate Truffle cake for a friends Diner, and a turkey sculpture. The turkey I actually sculpted last year, but he had a fabric tail. I didn't like the fabric so I created a matching clay tail. I like him much better!


  1. I LOVE that unicorn!! Well, I love everything...the turkey is soooo cute....but the Unicorn is awesome!! :)

  2. Thanks Katie, what I find funny is that when I first started sculpting the full size ones (3 inches tall) I couldn't imagine sculpting them any smaller. I had a blast with that little fella and will definitely be making more of them!

  3. Deb they turned out great! The turkey looks real cute and so do the other animals. I think my favorite is the teddy bear though as I have a weakness for cuddly animals.

  4. Doreen...I do too! I considered flocking him, but think I might try another one for that. A friend of mine said this teddy looked like peanut butter, so I have decided that Peanut needs a Jelly! =D


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