Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still grey, but oh well....

I went ahead an took some pictures last night of some of my new goodies. So for your enjoyment we have...a trio of Unakite turtles, Boo, and a pair of sea turtles. On my Facebook and flickr I asked folks whether the trio should remain loose or get their own base like the sea turtles. Seems people are divided...what do you all think?


  1. Those turtles are so cute! But, I dunno.....it looks good both ways. You could always turn some of them into Christmas ornaments??? Can you tell I like decorating the tree, lol!!

  2. I love decorating for Christmas too...it's my favorite season! =D I have several different themes that I rotate over the years...This year it's my Royal Peacock tree! Last year was my victorian.
    I love the idea of making some of them into ornaments...I'm seeing turtles in Santa Hats! =D


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