Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I am sure I have mentioned before...I thrive on sunshine! This grey dreary rainy weather really gets me down. *sigh* Yesterday was the start of was a horrible day for trying to take pictures...So well I didn't! lol I did take a quick snapshot of the little purple girl I made earlier. She has been all wigged and is ready to find a home. She got a little sunburnt in the oven, but I think she actually looks fantastic. I will be making more of these kids, but will watch them a little closer next time. She stands about 4 inches tall, so she would actually work in a 1:12th scale scene as a 'tween.

I am currently working on some decorated holiday signs. I originally made them to go with my mummy and turkey. But there is something to be said about premeasuring! LOL They are way to large to be held by my critters. So I have decided to make them into Happy Accidents. I am adding little clay bits to them and they will become small wall hangers! I also made some 'candy corn' candles out of clay for an upcoming swap. I've got another great little sign project that is almost finished too. But I'm gonna keep that one a surprise! =D

So here is a picture of my little purple gal...I need to give this little sweetheart a name. Any one have any ideas?


  1. How about Violet?? (Seeing as she has on a purple dress?!) She's very cute!!


  2. Oooh I like that too...I think I will use that as her middle I was loading her into my flickr account I decided to call her Prudence...Prudence Violet....I like it!!! =D


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