Sunday, October 4, 2009

One of these days...

One of these days I will get back to DAILY blogging...right now I kind of feel strange blogging if I have nothing to show you all. (I think I need to get over that, right?!?) So today I am gonna blog about what I've been doing and then hopefully tomorrow I can catch y'all up on pictures. =D

Well on Thursday I confirmed my registration for the Craft show on the 17th & 18th of this month. So now I have a deadline and I seem to work much better under pressure. Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a woman I met back in May. She has organized a festival around an artisans co-op in our area...I had no idea we had one!!! She contacted me to see if I'd like to participate in the craft show as well as join the co-op! I wasn't sure how hubby'd feel about me doing another show, especially after I decided not to do the other '2nd' show. Well as this one if a Saturday/Sunday and NOT a Friday/Saturday...he is all for it! So next week I will send in my registration for a second show, this one on November 7th and 8th. I think I might be crazy for doing 2 back to backs...but pressure is my friend! LOL

So I have been busily claying away since then. I have made 10 pens...pretty simple but stunning none-the-less. I also finished 2 more Christmas pearl with aqua polka dots, and the other pearl with aqua paisley swirls. I finshed a trio of CF-style sea turtles, and a cute little starfish that I think is bound to become a pin. I put the word out among my facebook friends that I was looking for ideas. One suggested decorated reed diffusers. I love this idea and intend to see what I can come up with. Another one suggested guitar pick earrings. I am trying to stick with clay, but thought...'hmmm, hubby has a couple guitar picks lying around, I think I'll borrow one' So off I went and down it came. I made a great mokume gane stack of 3 shades of aqua with thin black. I impressed a great swirly stamp and carved away. I traced around the guitar pick and cut away the excess. I added eyelets to them, to give a more finished look. So yep I made my own 'guitar pick' earrings! Using another piece of stacked clay, and a larger 'kinda' pick shaped template I made a larger coordinating piece. not sure if it'll be a pin or a necklace?

Hmm what else have I made...oh yeah...2 cute mini lemon cakes, one with choclate frosting on lemon cake, the other a buttercream frosted cake topped with lemon curd and both have fresh lemon slices! Ooooh I also made a couple dozen mini chocolate chip cookies, both fresh from the oven and some waiting to go in. =D I made a batch of mini pancakes too, just need to figure out how I'm gonna make convincing syrup. I also played around with more of the aqua clays I mixed up, and I made several canes. I will use these in other things as I go along.

Thanks for reading along wth me, although I know without pictures it was probably boring...pray for sunny, great-picture-taking weather tomorrow and hopefully I'll wow you with pictures!

Y'all have a great Sunday Morning!!!


  1. Although it sounds like a lot, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Good luck at both shows!! With Christmas coming, I would suggest lots of tree ornaments!! People can never have enough of those!! can't wait to see what you come up with:)

  2. Thanks Katie...thankfully I thrive on stressful situations and work well under pressure.
    Yep, Christmas ornaments was a big thought of mine too!


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