Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teddys and Snowfolk

I have several pieces to show off but will probably take a few posts to do it. Here are a couple of little Polar Bears and snowfolk I have made in various sizes. The littlest one (with the green earmuffs and stripey scarf) is about 3/4 of an inch tall. The tallest one (Polar bear with brown teddy ornament) is 1.25 inchs tall. The Red Beret Snowgal sits about the same. =D I got my wire pieces coated in their clear layer and will photograph them tomorrow (in my new atbletop photo studio! =D)
I have also been working on a Halloween Hutch, (not sure if I can share it yet it's for a contest...gotta go check the 'rules') and a fireplace for a gift bag scene.
The fireplace is almost finished, the 'hearth' is drying right now. So that too will get photographed tomorrow.
Grr ok here is the link to my flickr Blogger doesn't want to let me upload pics right now. So you can see some of these things as well as some others I hadn't mentioned. =D

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