Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey y'all!

Here it is the wee hours of Sunday and it's been a wonderful weekend. A little on the wild side too, but it's all been good!  I am so excited about the prospects for my shop.  I had a couple of orders last week that went into the mail on Friday, plus I sold off 2 of the Barbies that I have decided I no longer wanted. I included a couple 'samples' from my shop so hopefully that will help generate some business.  I am also doing a couple trades with some awesome ladies...I am getting some fabulous Monster High goodies in exchange for Barbie items and handmade goods from my shop. =D 
I've purchased several 'new' patterns for Barbie clothes (which hopefully I can modify for MH too) including a couple 1920s outfits and 3 japanese pattern PDFs that have LOADS of clothes! I have also been dabbling in miniature art work too.  I am honestly a terrible 'draw-er' but I like these! It interesting that many of my ideas come from area rug designs!
 This first design is patterned after some pallet art I saw HERE
 This one came from an area rug ,
As did this one . While I love the idea of this design, the execution was not what I was hoping for.  Not entirely sure how to manage a smooth solid background color, but the design is fun!

We got our first taste of winter  yesterday! And to say we got caught unawares is a bit of an understatement! There was a Winter Weather Warning from Midnight Friday night until 3pm yesterday.  Well when Hubby and I went to bed around 2am Saturday morning, there was still no snow on the ground.  It must've started snowing right after we went to bed, because I woke up to THIS!
There was atleast 4 inches on the ground with a steady flutter of snow.  It continued to snow until almost 3pm!  Remember me mentioning we got caught yeah, how about no boots for anyone (but the oldest he's got a pair of my hubs' old combat boots) and no SNOWSHOVELS!  Eeeeep!  So off we ran to the PX (military shopping plaza) hoping they had something.  Well not only did they have plenty of shovels, we found GOOD boots for the rest of us and great prices AND the younger 2 got new shoes for school too!)

We were hoping to make a snowman, so my littlest one help me make some polymer clay snowman features.  Sadly the snow was too fluffy to make a snow man, but we will be ready to photograph the pieces we made as soon as we can make a snowman.  Since there was no snowman making to be had a giant snow fight ensued! =D  There was snow flying everywhere!
On the clay front, I've futzed around mostly, nothing has really been created although I've worked on 'parts' of several things.  Hopefully I can share more of those next week.

Well y'all it's almost 3 am, time to go curl up into bed with my hubby and snuggle away the rest of the night.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. I love your art work. You guys look like you are enjoying the snow. I'm cold just looking at that picture. I don't miss that stuff at all. It is nice to look at, but only through pictures.

  2. Your art is so cool! Love it!
    Have fun in the snow. I'm glad we haven't had any yet this year!

    I'll be sending your goodies to you this week. Hope you can use some of them? :D

  3. Vanessa, I've really been trying to stay busy that's for sure! I think I want to try the 'pallet' art again, but make actual board from popsicle sticks. I think the effect will be much better! =D
    Thanks so much Kathi, I look forward to seeing what fun things you've sent! Please let me know when your book arrives.

    I honestly never wanted to deal with the snow again, I loved living in GA. But I've got to admit I kind of missed it. It's so pretty and the boys have so much fun! My next snow related purchase has got to be some sleds though! We've got some great sledding hills in our neighborhood!

  4. Ah yes, you had a good first snow to break you in. It was just enough to be fun, without being really bothersome.

    But....I must warn may need a snowblower at some point, so you may want to start pricing some.

    Love...Barbara E

  5. heeheehee...Hubby and I were just talking about that today Barbara! =D


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