Monday, January 16, 2012

It's SNOWING!!!!!

About 2 hours ago my middle son Hunter went to let the dog out, only to discover that it was snowing. Now having heard this from him and his younger brother several times I was expecting to turn around and see a few random flurries as we've had in the past. But no, THIS was what greeted me!!!

About a quarter of an inch of the fluffy white stuff!  Now I'll be honest I am not a huge fan of it, since it makes driving a royal pain. (But secretly I'm almost as excited to see it as the younger 2 boys are!) It makes everything look so pretty.  It has continued to fall at a leisurely pace and the footprints (yes BARE footprints, the younger 2 just HAD to run out onto the patio to play in the 1st snow of 2012!) and dog's lead marks are now gone.  I am actually hoping that the snow will stick around enough so that the boys can go out and play in the snow after school!
I have been working on some little clay things, but nothing enough to share right now.  Hopefully tomorrow! =D
Hugs from snowy NY!

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  1. I absolutely HATE snow!!! But I am glad you and your little ones are enjoying it.


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