Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What to do, what to do?

So today I just putzed around fiddling with several different mini projects. I started some art work, none of which I am super-OMG-thrilled with, but it's nice.  I also made several polymer clay candles in orange, green and white (purely random colors! lol). I am trying to figure out what kind of project I want to work on tomorrow after my errands in the morning.

So I asked Draculaura to help me out, but it seems that she got more bewildered than I was at all the possible choices.  Hmm do you think you can help a couple of ghouls out?  What should we work on tomorrow.  Doll clothes sewing, mini-food baking (suggestions on foods would be helpful) or more mini art work?

(BTW the melted red candle and the dark green round candle were made by me from polymer clay! =D )


  1. hmmmm, I vote for doll clothes. haven't made any myself in a long while - I will if you will ;)

  2. Well I do have several pieces cut out and ready to sew...AND that will force me to try and find a permanent home for my sewing machine that way it's always up. =D

  3. I've been TRYING to make doll clothes myself. Any tips and/or patterns would be really helpful. :D
    Love your red candle!
    Have fun and stay warm!

  4. Making Dollhouse scale clothes is really tough Kathi, although I have had a little bit of success shrinking down Barbie sized patterns. What kinds of clothing are you looking for? Maybe I have some patterns that I can scan and email you!

  5. I vote for doll clothes too. I have a LIV doll that has been sitting for months waiting to have a Marie Antionette inspired outfit- but I just can't seem to find time for myself! Do you use barbie patterns for LIV- I think you have a few LIV dolls,right?

  6. Clothes it is! (although since I was out most of the day with my oldest getting him started in school my sewing will start tomorrow!) Yes Kim I do have a LIV doll and yes I think Barbie patterns will work for her. There might need to be a little tweaking done, but for the most part, both dolls can wear the same kinds of clothes. I plan on cutting a little extra wiggle room into the outfits though as I think the LIV gals might have larger hips. I'll have to do some body comparison shots! I think LIV would be amazing in a Marie Antoinette costume and wig! WOW that will be amazing!


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