Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I feel accomplished today!

I am trying another something new...I am making myself a list of things I want to accomplish each day.  There is something wonderful about crossing an item off a list! Today I got all but one item on my list crossed off!
So what was on my list, you might ask?  Well, here it is:
1. Pack For Trade items
2. Mail     "        "
3. List candles in etsy shop
4. Finish Ghoulia's top
5. Make matching green skirt
6. Photograph the MH gang
6. Blog (and I suppose I can technically cross this one off to, since I'm doing it now! ;-D)

Bff's Ghoulia and Frankie
#1 and 2 came about after reading April's blog and discovering she had some Stardoll shoes and Monster High items she was looking to trade.  Turned out I had several items I would gladly trade her and a deal was struck. As the items going to her contained some of my hand crafted food items, she was willing to wait a few extra day, but went ahead and shipped me my items.  So her goodies went out in today's mail, and surprisingly I got my items FROM her today too!  We ended up trading for more than just the original shoes and MH stuff as she had a ton of Bratz clothes that she thought would fit the MH gals, so we added more items to her goody bag and I eagerly awaited mine!  (I hope she adores the things she's getting!

Ghoulia Ready to Strut
Sadly #3 didn't get done today, BUT it will become tomorrow's #1.
Clawd and Draculaura
  #4 and 5 go together.  Although I suppose I need to back up a little and explain where Ghoulia came in!  (oh and Frankie Stein arrived the same time too!) Forgive me for rambling, I tend to do that sometimes! lol  Oh yeah back to the ghouls.  When I bought Cleo back in November my intention was for her to simply be a model for me to expand my 1/6th scale fashion and accessory business.  I wanted a male and female Monster High as well as LIV dolls, plus of course Barbie and Ken.  I found the LIV pair on clearance and am happy with them. After Christmas I found Gil Webber (Monster High) at Wal-mart...I thought I was happy, I know had my 'couples' from each line I wanted to work on. Then I won Clawd and Draculuara... These 2 changed everything. I fell in love with the MH line, they are just so completely unique and different.  And gosh are they expressive too!!!  So I started perusing everything MH...back when they first came out I just adored the Home Ick Frankie Stein. I mean, Hello!  She's into sewing and cooking and crafty things...yep I wanted her!  However the stars never aligned (nor did our wallets) and Frankie stayed where she was.  Until...I stumbled upon another awesome doll blog by Emily. Turns out she had offered a Home Ick Frankie as a give away to the first person who wanted her!  That post had occured a day or so before I found her, but I thought what the heck...can't hurt to ask if she was still available!  SHE WAS!!!!  YEAH!!! I was stoked!

Then of course came Ghoulia. She has been one of those characters that never really called to me...except for one version.  Of course the version I really liked was the one that came ONLY in a 3 pack exclusive from ToysRus...with Cleo and Draculuara. (neither of which I wanted duplicates of.) So I trolled ebay and managed to find and win a nude Ghoul Spirit Ghoulia!!!!  By this time I was happy dancing in my chair!  
Gil and Cleo
Gil & Cleo, Clawd and Draculaura, Ghoulia, Frankie

Blowin' Kisses goodnight!
Oh geesh, sorry rambling again!  To make a long story short both of those girls arrived yesterday, bringing my total MH figs to 6!  So here are some pics of my gang


  1. Everything looks awesome!! :) I too have started making lists and I have gotten so much more done. Marking things off is invigorating! lol

  2. Thanks Cat!, Yes invigorating...that's exactly it! =D

  3. I'm checking your package off my list today! Hope it arrives to you soon.
    YES! I did receive the book! Love it! So many beautiful and inspiring things to try!
    Thank you!

  4. Yay! I'm glad it arrived safely! BTW did you find the extra goodie I tucked inside?


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