Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's late, but hey it's still today!

 I fianlly finished accessorizing this fun green outfit! The skirt was one of the first Monster High pieces I made once I started sewing again.  I had paired it with a top made from that cute tulip material. But the front of the tip had a weird flare to it that made the girls look pregnant, so I decided to keep that one for myself and make a different top.  I know how I could have fixed it but wanted to do something different, since I already had something with the tulip material in my shop.  So after digging through my fabric stash I found this cute teardrop/paisley material that had the exact limey green in it!  I used some matching cording to make a halter top.  I trimmed out the armholes with lime green blanket stitching.
 Using more of the cording I braided a belt to accent the outfit.  In my remaining bead stash I found tiny blue and green speckled beads.  I fashioned a couple of dangly earrings.  Heck if those were bigger I'd wear them! =D

The last thing this outfit needed was a purse...I wanted something different...but what to make????  Then I remembered a tutorial that Casey of Casey's Minis did ,a few years ago.  It's a barrel bag purse!  I knew I had all the supplies and I knew this was perfect! I used some of the same sparkly green material as the skirt but stamped it with a large teal paisley-esque stamp.  I love the way it turned out and I think it makes a great finishing touch!

I'll be listing this one in my shop tonight. Then it's on to a burgundy/reddish outfit and I need to get started on the Teal and Black commisioned outfit that will be going to Sweden.

Last year I picked up a fashion design 'sketch portfolio' from Fashion Angels at Michael's.  It's designed for young girls.  The pages are filled with pre-printed figures and then there are 7 pages of plastic (sturdy!) stencils that allow you to draw the clothes onto the figures.  I can't draw to save my life so I thought this might be a good jumping off point for me to use in designing my own custom outfits.  Needless to say it sat and sat and sat...until last night!  I pulled it out and sketched out the rough idea for my commissioned outfit.  I must say I am LOVING this book!  I feel like a real fashion designer! =D  I emailed the preliminary sketch to my customer and he loved it! (that always make an artist feel good)
Today I discovered the bummer fact that my stock of teal fabrics was severely what did I do...I dyed.  Nope not fall over and croak DIE...DYE...yep I colored my OWN fabric! I felt like a mad scientist as I mixed up a batch of fabric dye and set to over dyeing some white and light colored fabrics.  As my 2nd batch was soaking I wished I had had some black and teal fabric. Alas I didn't, but what I did have was black and WHITE fabric, so yup into the dye bath that went too! 
I'll take pics of that fun bit tomorrow. For now I'm off to work on a burgundy skirt and then head to bed.  I want to be up bright and early tomorrow to get working again.  I am so energized and motivated it's not even funny! HUGS =D


  1. Wish I had known... I have some pretty black and teal fabric! If your dye bath doesn't work, let me know. :D
    If you go to my blog and search "Sandy" you may find a photo of it?

  2. Found it. Here's the link.

  3. Wanna know what's funny Kathi? I have some of this fabric and I think YOU did send it to me! =D I considered using it, but my customer wants a more geometric design, but thank you so much for the offer dear!

  4. First off, thank you so much for stopping by and following The Majokko Shop!
    Second, I'm SO glad you did!!
    Your blog is fantastic! (and, Monster High girls? Heck yes!!!)
    I love the earrings your Frankie is wearing!
    Pure Neemos don't have earring holes, and I've been pondering giving them pierced ears anyways. I just love earrings. :)

    Anyhow, new follower here, for sure!

  5. Heather I am thrilled to follow The Majokko Shop! Your blog is thoroughly entertaining! =D

    I am not sure what kind of material is used in the Pure Neemos but I have given several Barbies and Monster High gals earring holes. I LOVE earrings too! They are my go ot accessory for any outfit! Mine or my dolls! =D


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