Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slowly but surely

I'm getting more and more things sewn for my shop.  Sadly I have yet to list any of the new items! I reallly don't enjoy the listing process, but it is a necessary evil if I want to see the goodies I make! I am hoping to get several new pieces of clothing listed tomorrow.  I want to do some clay work in the next week, but I need to get these new clothing pieces up first!

I think my next clay adventure will be some St Patty's day goodies.  I want to try my hand at our favorite meal for March 17th...corned beef, cabbage, buttered potatoes and steamed carrots!  Mmmm just thinking about it makes me hungry!  I'd also like to make some dark bread as well as another favorite irish dish: Colcannon.  Mashed potatoes, steamed shredded cabbage and crispy crumbles of bacon.  Oh yes sooo yummy! Of course there will be cakes, cookies and cupcakes too!

 How about some pictures...  This is my dragon-chic from one of the Create a Monster packs.  I won't get into the irritation with Mattel for only putting one torso into a pack with 2 sets of other body parts...(hence the reason she has a grey body!)  Normally I use the matching grey parts as they are just plain smooth pieces.  But I wanted to showcase the wings with this top so I adding the pink dragon parts.  (Which are actually pretty neat!  The arms and legs are scaled and they have little fins!  She also has really cool ears!  There are starting to be folks selling cast versions of the torso in the correct colors so I will be getting a pink torso soon!!!)

Sorry back to the outfit!  The pink top I started back in GA in November.  I finally finished it this past week!  I used a Barbie pattern that I shrunk.  Initially I wasn't too happy with it. But now seeing a gal with wings I am realizing it's pretty much perfect!

The black skirt is a faux suede material. I used the selvedge edge with has an awesome fringe on it.  I love the way this outfit looks together, but have decided that both pieces will go into my new Mix and Match line.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have several tops and a couple of skirts loaded into my shop ready for sale!


  1. How in the world did I miss your blog? I happened to see you on another bloggers site. I love your blog and notice that you also follow mine! Thanks so much for your following and now that I found you I will be following your posts more often! Love your pics. Gonna go stroll thru you previous blogs :D

  2. Thanks for following me too! It's easy for a little blog like me to get lost in the sea of amazing bloggers out there! Glad to have you along though! :-)

  3. I hate that they've only put one torso in too... and when asked if they'll make torsos separately, they said "No, these are for kids, not collectors..."
    ...what makes them think it doesn't annoy kids too? LOL!

    Anyhow, have you ever checked out this person on etsy:
    They make torsos to buy!!!! (and if you buy more than 1 it's a better deal because of shipping :) )

  4. If Mattel was really smart they'd listen to collectors too! (However I think they realize that collectors know how to paint the torsos and they know it's easier to pick up extra CAM packs or they just deal with it.) Sadly I think Mattel is just thinking of their bottom line. :-(

    I have Jemgirl's shop Favorited! I WILL be ordering a pink body to match my Dragonna! (then I'll root her. I'm trying to decide if she'll get pink hair with green highlights or something different.)


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