Saturday, February 11, 2012

Purple Check and playing with Resin!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Some days the words just don't come.  But I am here tonight.  In a very quiet house. The kids are all in bed already! 0_O Hubby is playing Xbox and I am trying to decide what to do.  Thinking about watching the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Don't get me wrong Johnny Depp is amazing!!!!  But Gene Wilder will ALWAYS be Willy Wonka to me! =D

I finally got around to accessorizing and listing the 2 outfits I made back in October/November when we were still in Georgia!  These were the outfits I made using a purple gingham ribbon I found at Walmart for $1...for a 5 YARD spool!!!! Abbey Bominable is modeling the dress that has been accessorized with a black oval purse with a white Cat's Eye oval stone 'clasp', a lilac edged black rose hair pin, a pair of silver drop earrings and a silver glass beaded necklace.

Clawdeen Wolf models the co-ordinating outfit.  The halter top matches the ruffle edged denim skirt.  I have added a fringed black satin wrap, and a hand made satin purse.  This outfit also includes a pair of Purple Velvet Swarovski crystal earrings.  (however those are for the standard earred MH gals, still trying to figure out how to make earrings for Clawdeen!)
I did some playing around with resin earlier in the week.  I had worked with Ice Resin last year and really liked it.  My intention is to mold and cast copies of some of the amazing early Barbie bottles I have collected.  I have tons of neat perfume, kitchen and bath styles.  While my results then were pretty good, the molding compound was not the best.  So last week I used a coupon at Michael's and picked up a box of Amazign Mold Putty and I also found a casting kit for babies hands and feet on clearance! I first played around with that and made molds of and then cast 2 pair of Monster High legs.  These will be my "lasts" for making shoes and boots for the Monster High dolls!  Hopefully this will allow me to us polymer clay and then make well fitting shoe forms! After doing just that I used the Mold Putty and made molds of the shoe forms I had sculpted and cast a pair of resin shoe bases.  (these didn't work out real well as the materials I chose to mix into them settled.  But they were ok for a first try.)  Since I had resin left over I filled some Barbie glasses...I made some martinis, water with lemon, a jar with a fish, as well as just randomly filled 2 other jars.  I love playing with resin but really need to get some more molds made so I can start casting those lovely bottles I have! :-)


  1. Wow! You were busy. Let the boys play more often!
    I LOVE your little drinks! I've never tried ice resin but I'm going to get some soon. How did you tint the ones in the last photo? They all look perfect!

  2. Just went to the Ice Resin link. Thanks! They explain everything well there.
    I'd like to try making some "glass" blocks. Do you think a plastic mini ice cube tray would work for a mold?
    This looks like fun stuff!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Thanks Kathi! Ice Resin is amazing! (And you can mix up less than they recommend with goo results. I think I did 4 drams for this last batch. (the mixing cups are marked in drams too) IR is super easy to use. As for tinting the 2 wine glasses...I used nail polish (hding my head sheepishly) I did NOT mix it with the resin. I painted the inside of the cups. Actually I tried to use the nail polish in place of the resin. It failed but left the glasses perfectly tinted and after several days I simply filled them with resin. (Pick up some medicine syringes (like for baby medicine, no needle needle. I think you can ask at the pharmacy)

    I think that yes and ice cube tray would work but you will most likely need some kind of mold release though!

  4. Love the wine glasses.
    Your "technique" looks great. :D

    Yes, I did get the little painting you did. I'll find the perfect place for it. Maybe in my MiniTown Loft project. Love it!

    Thank you!

  5.'s amazing sometimes how things turn out when you think they're going wrong!

    Oh good I am so very glad it arrived safely! :-)

  6. Love the purple dresses. You have been busy over there. Love all your little drinks. I've been making molds for months now. Sadly it has only been in my head. Every time I pick up the mold making product, I find something else to use my coupon on. Eventually it will happen. Then I will kick myself for taking so long to do it.

  7. Thanks Vanessa! I'd like to be busier than I am, several of these pieces were already done, just needed finishing. I love playing with resin, it really is fun. And once you get the hang of it, you can turn out some really amazing things!

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  9. The purple dresses are great... but I really love the little filled glasses, those are so wonderful!

  10. They are all absolutely beautiful little creations!

  11. love the drinks! they look so real! I gotta figure out how to make some of those!

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments! The glasses are fun. The only negative thing I can say about using resin in miniature work is that you need to have A LOT of items ready to be filled or molded. About the smallest amount of resin you want to work with is 4 drams...which isn't a lot, but when it only takes a couple of drops to fill a glass...yeah 4 drams makes a TON of resin!


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