Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well darn...

Here it is almost a week between posts again. :-( I'd like to say I've been really really busy, but don't wanna lie. Honestly the last few days have just been blah.  The weather has been kind crappy and I've just felt well blah. Sadly I've listed nothing new in my shop (soooo need to fix that!), however I do have a few new pictures to share.

It started out with the fabulous teal and chocolate brown fabric.  I made a v-necked tank from it, with the intention of making a pair of brown leggings to go with it.  So I sewed these leggings (by hand) and well it took me a few hours.  Tried then on a doll and was horrified when I removed then to see her skin stained brown!!!  Yeah STAINED brown.  ugh seriously!  Thankfully between some acetone nail polish remover, a Magic Eraser and a light sanding most of the stain is gone.  I put the leggings in a bowl with a little soapy water (maybe 1/2 a cup) and microwaved it for 2 minutes...the water turned black coffee dark!  I rinsed and did it again, this time it was strong tea.  After the third rinsing I ended up throwing them into a small sauce pan with some more soapy water and simmering them for almost an HOUR!!!  I rinse them really well and then left to dry. It was with some heavy trepidation that I tried them on the doll the next day, but was grateful to discover all the excess dye seems to have been boiled out.  That being said I have decided NOT to sell the leggings as I'd feel terrible if they managed to stain someones doll.  So I had to come up with something else to go with the shirt.  I found some fun brown faux leather/suede and made a simple A-line skirt.  This outfit got a Swarovski crystal necklace, polymer clay bracelet and a cute plastic purse.  Hopefully this will be up in my shop tomorrow.
(BTW I'd like to thank Kathi from Beautiful Mini Blessings for the great post card of Birmingham AL on the wall as well as the cool globe on the desk.  Kathi sent me a big box of goodies that were too large for her 1/12th scale work, plus a ton of really cool fabrics and other fun stuff! =D)
This is another outfit I've been playing with. A few weeks ago I did a swap with April from April's Sea of Barbie Sweetness. In it was a ton of Bratz clothing.  Several pieces fit, but there were loads that were just ridiculously short. Part of the plan behind my doll clothes is to keep them more appropriate for young girls. So while I loved this tangerine crop top with these cargo pants, the original cut of the top was out of the question.  It took me a little fussin' and foodlin' but I finally figured out how to make it 'ok' in my opinion.  I sewed a blue 'body suit' into the top, so it's now a one piece top, that covers the midriff and tucks nicely into the cargo pants.  The purse is one  I've had for a while but it fit the outfit perfectly.  This one will stay in my permanent collection since it is 90% manufactured as opposed to being hand made.  (But I'm ok with that since I adore this outfit! =D)

Lastly I wanted to share this fun little scene with you.  My youngest son has taken to hanging out in my studio with me a lot here lately. He's been having fun setting up all kinds of scenes.  This one is a bake sale her did.  I love how he added steps from the table on the left to the sale up on the right.  he even asked me to cut him small pieces of green paper (which he added numbers to) for money!  He set up this one before the bake sale which was the 4 dolls sharing lunch! Love that little boy! =D


  1. Hi!
    So glad your package has arrived. I love how you used the post card on the wall. :D
    I see now that your dolls are even larger than I thought. Love the outfits you are making for them!
    Hope you have some sunshine today.
    Gray days always make me feel crummy too.

  2. These Monster gals are growing on me.

    Glad you got the leggings all sorted out. :)

    Sweet your boy is spending time with you making scenes.

  3. I love both outfits. Your son is quite the dioramist! He did a wonderful job.


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