Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ready for the weekend!

   Considering what a 'bleh' state I was in on Wednesday, I got a much needed boost Thursday morning. I opened my email to find an alert from my Etsy store that I had a sale!  Woohoo, sold a couple of my cupcakes. The next email was another alert from Etsy, that I had a message. Turns out a doll collector in Sweden wanted to know if I could ship my Tulip Monster High doll to him.  Of course after checking the shipping prices I happily agreed.  While I was conversing with him I got ANOTHER alert for yet another cupcake sale! 5 minutes later my Swedish customer made his purchase.  So I skipped (ok not really but I was super happy as I drove) to the post office.
    I drove down the mountain to Michael's to return a set of markers I bought for my middle sons art class only to be told he didn't need the expensive one just simple crayola! (His list said Watercolor markers!)  While there I pulled up a coupon on my phone (LOVE that they are now taking online coupons through smartphones! Now I'll never be without a coupon again!) And bought a package of casting material.  I started off with a cheap 'lifecast' set, as I'm not entirely sure the Monster High feet will mold properly.  But I also found 4 new shades of embroidery blending filament, to use as tinsel on my Christmas trees for next year. Plus let's see some ribbon and other sewing stuff.

    I came home, made dinner for the boys and hubby and then got ready to go to dinner with some of the other Recruiter wives. Had a nice time, but honestly would have preferred to stay home and sew! lol  oh well.

   Amazingly good things continued this morning as I woke up to 2 MORE sales in my shop, including the teal and brown Monster High outfit from my last post!  That one is currently heading to the UK! AND I got another email from my Swedish customer asking if I could create an outfit to go with a pair of teal and black striped socks another Etsy artist was selling!  (there is something ridiculously encouraging about having a customer order a 2nd item before receiving their first one!!!)  So I spent the afternoon talking with him and sketching up a design!

    I also finished up a cute green outfit which I hope to photograph and list in my shop tomorrow! Sorry there aren't any pictures today, but hopefully I can share some tomorrow!  oooh hey how about these...these are polymer clay pillar candles that I have listed HERE!


  1. Seriously, being able to sew stuff that tiny and that well is a HUGE gift. Collectors will pay and pay because that is just NOT something just anyone can do--even if someone can sew, not everyone can sew in that miniature scale. You've hit on a great moneymaker.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! =D I am blessed to come from a long line of seamstresses so sewing is fun and 'relatively' easy for me. Ironically I sew better in small scale than I do in people sizes! lol

  3. I've been sewing in 1:1 since I was about 9 years old--but I can't get the hang of sewing in 1:6 (or smaller--I think MH dolls are at least somewhat smaller than 1:6). It's just so tiny!

  4. I wish I could sew in 1:1...I'd love to be able to make myself some clothes, but every time I try it turns out looking horrible! (and yes the MH girls are just a bit smaller than Barbies, figure them as 'actual' 15-17 year olds to Barbies adult body.)


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