Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Wednesday in 2009 (sense a theme this week? lol)

Hi y'all!!! Hope your week has been going well. Mine has been busy with chores and rest for the wicked! lol
Orah decided to start 2010 off right a bit early. She decided that her grudge against Giselle and her pretty party hair was rather petty. (Not to mention Giselle just looks so sad. It seems her escort for the Elven ball decided that since she was only half elf, that she wasn't suitable! The cad!!!) So Orah invited Giselle over for some coffee and yummy chocolate frosted lemon cake. (What girl wouldn't be cheered up with chocolate!) So Orah asked me to please finish up her table. We decided to bring in a couple of the white iron chairs since her matching chairs aren't finished just yet.
I stained and painted Orah's Table and console table for her. I painted a hutch a while ago with a great sage-y green. I decided to stain the tops of her new tables in a light cherry color using a product I bought for scrapbooking several years ago. It's an ink called Walnut ink. This particular brand comes pre-mixed in dauber-style bottles. Ebay has several different colors, I used the one called Rust. I am thinking that some of these colors have been discontinued as they seem to be really hard to find. I only found 2 pages of 'google' hits for FiberScraps E-Z Walnut Ink Tintz. There are some new colors out but the Rust seems to be missing. I also have the regular walnut ink, which dyes wood a dark almost grey-ish brown. The Dusk, which is a purple-ish, and the Verdigris which is a green. I haven't used either of these yet, but think they will be great too. I am thinking about picking up the Moss, Rose and Tea Stain colors too. I think I saw a smoke somewhere online too that would be great for aged, weathered wood!
So anyways, back to the tables! LOL I gave them each several light coats of color, the edges got a couple light coats too. For those areas I 'smooged' the dauber of the ink onto a lid to get some of the ink out. I 'smooged' to hard and ended up with a bit of a puddle, but at 2oz per bottle this stuff'll last me a while!!! I used a brush to apply the 'stain' to the edges and undersides of the table tops. After they were dry I painted the bases in my sage-y green. I want to add a set of matching chairs, but am unsure if I want to stain them fully, paint them fully or do a combination of the 2. I welcome your suggestions!


  1. How about a blend of the sage green stain and a creamy colored paint? The cream accents would draw the eye to the chairs, and ultimately the table.

  2. Oooh I LIKE that idea lots!!!I'm thinking maybe I'll stain the seats, and paint the spindles and combination of the sage green and some cream. Lovely idea! ooh maybe I can even sneak in a tiny bit of pink too!!!

  3. what if you stained the chairs with the rust walnut ink and then made a sagey green chair pad? Happy New Year to you Deborah!!

  4. oooh Kim that was a great idea too. And surely would have been easier than the insanity I have committed myself to! LOL (pictures coming soon!)


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