Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slow Sunday

Today I awoke to an over-flowing toilet!!! Talk about a rude awakening. Thankfully it's all fixed now, but boy that was a mess. Then I had to go out to the PX (that would be Post Exchange, which is our on-base store.)for a gift wrapping fundraiser. Each company is given 2-3 four hour slots to do gift wrapping. We wrap for donations. The money we raise we then use in our family support groups for fun events for the soldiers and their families. It's been slow this year, not many people getting their gifts wrapped, although those that have, tipped very well. We made around $200 over 3 days for our support group.
Tomorrow is our Christmas party for the families. We are having a 'decoration' party. I bought all kids of fun little decorations for the kids to make. We will also have cookies for them to decorate too. I bought a bunch of candy canes to make reindeer with. So I need to glue pom poms and googly eyes on 48 candy canes tonight! Then tomorrow all the kiddos will need to do is add the antlers.
I think they are soo adorable!
I'm gonna cook up hot dogs and meatball sandwiches and we will have chips and a cake too. I hope the kiddos have a good time.
I hpoe everyone had a good weekend. talk to y'all soon.


  1. Sorry to hear about your toilet Deb! Being ankle deep in poop water is no fun! LOL

  2. Indeed it wasn't thankfully we were able to clean it up pretty easily and the problem has *fingers crossed* been fixed! =D

  3. Oh...My! Am I behind! Love that bass you made! I love seeing different kinds of ornaments!! Love all the swap stuff! It's so much fun to get trades! Cute candy cane reindeers!! My Mom used to do the same thing (keeping up with the navy families)....Keeps moral up! :) Hooray for you!!



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