Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Monday of 2009

Can you believe that today was the last Monday of the year??? It's kinda wild. I apologize for not posting before or after Christmas...been a little hectic this week with a whole lot of nothing. We had a wonderful Christmas here, my boys had tons of presents under the tree, and had a blast opening them all! I bought my hubby a new dress shirt, a gaming keyboard, a couple of video games, (I love gamestop for USED games! =D)and a remote control helicopter that goes up to 30 miles an hour!!!
Me...I got a new set of Paula Deen cookware,(yippee, they cook so wonderfully!!!)a pair of silky dress shirts one in teal and the other in gunmetal gray, and 6 new miniature making books!
I got:
--Both of Angie Scarr's food books. (and man they look awesome! I can't wait to try out her methods!
--EJ Tangerman's Build Your Own Dollhouse from a 4x8 sheet of plywood This one look awesome! It builds a basic Orchid-like house, but I can see how it will be useful for construction other houses too!
--Sheila Smith's Making 1/12 scale Wicker Furniture. Gorgeous stuff in this one!
--Freida Gray's Dolls' House Furniture, and Making Miniature Gardens. OMG I am so excited about these two!!!

I plan on reviewing these books over the next year. (hmmm that might be a fun weekly segment...Book Reviews...both miniature and polymer clay...what do you think???)

Yesterday I started making a little footstool using a soda bottle top. Ala Casey over at Casey's Minis. Casey's footstool. I could have sworn she used a soda bottle lid, but this tutorial shows a piece of toilet paper roll. (got tons of those too. I see more ottomans in the future!) They are so much fun to make. I WILL definitely be making more of these little cuties!

I also bought myself a collection of House of Miniature kits from a gal who was selling them. There are 23 of them ranging from a pair of the Chippendale Sofas to the William & Mary Tall Case Clock. 3 pieces came already assembled, a Chippendale Nightstand, the Hepplewhite Round Table and the Hepplewhite Side Table. So I made a quick plain background display sheet and snapped a few pics of Orah enjoying her coffee and a quilting magazine. BTW she has NEW hair! She is so happy with it. She decided that she didn't want anything as fancy as Giselle's But if you check out her first pictures I think we can all agree that this is QUITE an improvement!
Well my dear friends it is late and I need to get hubby into bed...4:30 comes real soon! Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. Oh- I say Pleeeassse do the book reviews! I would love it!! I love the footstool- so cute! Orah looks so pleased with her new items :) Happy New Year to you Deborah!!

  2. Kim I am going to start my reviews next week...I am thinking Saturdays. That will give me all week to play with the books. I am going to start with Angie Scarr's original book, Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls. I am super excited to start playing with her techniques!
    the footstool was so fun to make, I am working on another on in sage green that will better match the paint scheme I chose for her table. She is indeed quite pleased! Happy New Year to you as well Kim!


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