Saturday, December 12, 2009

5-Star Swap Goodies

Last month I signed up to participate in Kathi's 5-Star Christmas Swap over at Beautiful Mini Blessings % people plus Kathi signed up to make a Christmas item and share them. So we got 5 truly amazing items in return. I already opened mine, but I know atleast one person is waiting until Christmas to open hers. (So if you are waiting and don't want to see what everyone else sent...STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!! =D ) Personally I don't have that kind of restraint! LOL

I would share the items I made first, but wouldn't you know I completely forgot to make myself a set, nor did I take any pictures of the ones I sent out!!!! URGH!!! BUT I made tiny 2 inch trees, decorated with tiny seed bead ornaments as bead stars. I also made a sent of bells to hang on the door or wall. Those I thought turned out great. I think, (yeah I know scary, she can't recall, but I was involved in several Christmas themed swaps at the same time! LOL) I think I also sculpted tiny snowmen from polymer clay. I asked Kathi if she'd mind photographing her set and sending me the pics. If she can do that for me I'll share those pics later! LOL

Ok on to the fabulous mini's I received in the mail...
From Kathi (the swap hostess) I received several goodies there is a pretty blue Shaker style basket full of little pine cones, a white poinsettia in a vase, a cool modern beaded spiral 'tree' and a beaded seaside cottage wreath. Kathi also sent a bag full of decorating bits for me to use.
There are 2 pieces of holiday fabric, some snowflake trim, a tiny nutcracker, some star glitter, and some more seaside cottage 'ornaments' (I'm thinking that a Christmas by the Sea theme is in order here! ;-D ) THANK YOU KATHI!!!!

Next is Kim over at Flowers & Art. Kim sent a lovely Christmas card and a letter about her creation. Kim created this fantastic Christmas hutch. Each item in the hutch is loose so they can be rearranged. There is a little wreath and a needlepoint stocking, a little decorated tree, 3 tiny Christmas cards, a pair of gingerbread people, a gingerbread house and a punchbowl full of pretty pink punch! Kim also made a lovely chest to store all her holiday decorations in. I am truly humbled by her talent! THANKS KIM!!!!

Next up is Jaime from A Little Roomer by Jaime. She made the tiniest little Christmas tree under 'glass'! Isn't it adorable!!! THANKS JAIME!!!!

4th point in our little star is Karin from Mini Ramblings & Musings. Karin sent a fabulous decoratedholly wreath and a plate full of holiday goodies! Check out the detail on the orange in the center!!!! I can almost smell the citrus-y goodness! She also made a candy cane, an apple, several different kinds of cookies and some holiday candies...see the green one with the tree in the center! Karin sure is talented. =D THANK YOU KARIN!!!!!

Last but certainly not least is Jill from Little Nest Studio. Jill also made a plate of cookies, but she also added a glass of milk to wash it all down, a carrot for Rudolph and teensy-tiny letter to Santa. It is situated on a red placemat with green stitching. Jill also folded a great little 'match-box' style box from holiday paper to store her place setting in. I just love the little note, I think it's my favorite part of the piece. THANK YOU JILL!!!!!

It was so much fun creating some fun holiday decorations...I hope these 5 ladies enjoyed the items I made as much as I am enjoying the ones they made! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!


  1. What goodies you have received! They all look so cute! :)

  2. Wasn't that an absolutely fun package to receive?! Thank you so much for the goodies! I knew you were a sculpter, so I was hoping you would sculpt something for the swap! My wish came true! I love my little snowman! He will have a special place in The Little Pink House! Thanks so much!

  3. glad you liked my stuff. It's good to know that everything's been shipped so I'll expect to see mine soon. ....won't thank you til then.
    hugs Karin

  4. Dale, this swap was so much fun to do! I had a blast.
    Jill it was a wonderful event. I am so glad you liked your little snowman. I'd love to see a picture of him in his new home! =D
    Karin, you did a wonderful job on your wreath and cookie plate. I look forward to making scene using them. I hope yours arrive soon!!!

  5. How pretty your photos are! I will send you one of your gifts asap. Thank you all so much! This is my first mini Christmas and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful things everyone made!

  6. Deborah- stopping by to thank you so much for my swap items- I love them sooo much- the snowman is my favorite! I keep moving him around- I love him so much I cannot decide where to put him in the dollhouse! Hope your holiday was wonderful :)


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