Monday, December 21, 2009

More new friends!!!!

I am sorry for being away from my blog for the last week...nothing exciting in miniature or even clay going on really. Although I have been a very bad friend and NOT welcomed my new friends! I have 4 to share with you. =D
First up is Maija...I apologize as her blog is in a foreign language and I can't find a translator. =( But she does have a gorgeous dollhouse picture on her blog and then a link to another page that shows off more of her handy work. Maija can be found at iidasantu.
Next is Kim from Flowers and Art I 'met' Kim through my 5-star swap that I did earlier this month. She has the most amazing Flower shop in miniature on her blog, as well as a lovely tea-room gift for a friend.
Another new friend is Marlies who is from the Netherlands. Her blog is Marlies and Minis. Marlies makes the most gorgeous filled trunks I have ever seen. Be sure to take a moment to check out her amazing work!
And last but certainly not least are Julia and Hywel. They are a husband and wife duo from Wales. Their blog, Bear Cabin Miniatures shows off the amazing work that they do! The most recent blog posts showcase the Christmas decorations in 2 of their Dollhouses; The Pumpkin House and Victoria Villa. Also be sure to catch the widget on the right of their blog which will take you to their etsy shop! =D
Thanks everyone for being patient with me. I hope to get back to creating and blogging more regularly after Christmas. (There will be some book reviews coming too!!! I'm getting several mini-making books for Christmas ;-D )


  1. Thank you for the welcome Deborah- I am so glad we met! I cannot wait to read the book reviews! It is hard to keep up with blogging during the holidays, isn't it? I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!!

  2. Kim it really is hard to keep up! But I am looking forward to being really productive after the holidays are over.
    The books all look fantastic. 2 of them are Angie Scarr's and the rest are on dollhouse, DH furniture building and the other one is DH flowers!!! I am so excited!

  3. Hi! I like your blog, I saw you in the air dry clay group, I am not doing much in this Christmas brake lol kids wont let me :oP
    Anyway in my blog I have a google translate you can get one too, just click on it and get a link, post it in your menu. That helps you, and helps your visitors as well.
    Merry Christmas and greetings from California!


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