Monday, February 15, 2010

Book 13 of 100

I finished another of Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series. Book 2 in the Series is Visions of Heat is the story of Faith, an F-Psy, a Foreseer. Since she was 3 years old Faith has been foreseeing business prospects for the Psy. But now she is starting to get visions of darkness and blood. When her sister is brutally murdered Faith begins to realize that her disturbing visions are coming from her sisters killer...and he is planning another murder! As a Psy, Faith knows she shouldn't feel fear, but the darkness terrifes her and her vile visions threaten to send her spiraling into Madness,
Vaughn is a Jaguar changeling, adopted as a cub into the DarkRiver clan. Vaughn's Jaguar lies closer to the surface than any other changeling. When her comes across Faith both man and jaguar are drawn to her. For some reason, Vaughn alone can see when the 'darkness' attaches itself to Faith. Can he help bring Faith out of the PsyNet and help her stop another murder?

This was another great Singh book...I am very excited about finishing therest of the series, although it seems I will need to put the rest off for a bit as I did not buy a copy of the 3rd book!!! Grrr...So I'm gonna switch gears for a bit and read something new. ;-)


  1. look at you plowing through books left and right - you go!!!

  2. Books have been about the only thing I have enjoyed doing lately!


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