Monday, February 15, 2010

Post 2 today! ;-)

Friday it snowed all day here. Now I know many of you have been buried under snow for a while now and the last thing y'all want to read about is more snow. So I will understand if you skip over this post...I can't say I wouldn't!


oh wow hey you are still here, how sweet! =D
Well you see we live in Southern GA, the gulf of Mexico is only 4 hours away...and it SNOWED here ALL day Friday! They canceled school and everything. Now granted we only got about 3 inches and the roads were pretty clear, but please remember all of you scoffers out there. (I know when I lived in Ohio I would have scoffed too...3 inches is NOTHING to a Northerner) Buuuuuut down here where is hardly EVER snows 3 inches is cause for many folks to panic. Because it snows so infrequently here (like only twice in the last 8 years we have lived here) it is financially impractical for the cities or counties to own and maintain plows or salt trucks. Sooooo anyways long story short when it snows here everything Shuts down! Since it had been raining earlier in the week the ground was rather wet and we didn't get out to play until after dinner. but boy oh boy did we have a great time! The whole family went out to play. we had a grand old snowball fight! =D Sadly it was all gone by Saturday afternoon, but we had a wonderful time.


  1. I don't mind if you talk about snow. I love it! :) Sounds like it was fun while it lasted. :)

    I realised I hadn't seen you in a while, so I did a quick drop in to catch up. :)

    You've been reading! Do those books have pictures? lol ;)

    Love the rose and the teeny tiny canes for candy! :)

  2. Dale it really was fun. I kinda (just kinda) miss it. But most of the time I am thrilled not to deal with it! LOL
    I read my bloglist just about every day, but have been in a bit of a funk lately...just can't seem to *want* to do anything.
    I love to read...that's about the only thing (other than playing around online) that I have been doing. Girl i'll tell you I wish some of these book DID have pictures. These ladies dream up some sexy men! =D
    I am hoping to spend some time next week making more roses in tons of different colors, I am thrilled with how they turned out. Need to find a good way to make rose leaves for them though. The candy is soo much fun, something else on my list of things to make. =d

  3. It's the winter, that's the cause of a lot of lackawanna, I think. ;)

    It's good you can curl up with a good book, sometimes the imagination is so much better than pictures. ;)

    Those rose petals are teeny tiny! I wonder if you could find a paper punch for the leaves? Would that work? I don't "do" clay, but, I love the work that comes from it. :)

    As my hubby always says to me, after the winter solstice, the days get longer and spring comes. :)

  4. I am definitely a summer baby! (my birthday is usually the 1st day of summer! =D) And I do get a lot of the Lackawannas!
    Oh yes my brain often comes up with pictures that are *very* nice indeed1 LOL

    I have been trying to find a paper punch that not only is the right shape, but the right size too...that's the hardest part is the size. I think I may have found one though. I don't really want to make the leaves from clay if I can help it! LOL I love working with clay and honestly find it easier that working with other mediums!

    I am eagerly awaiting those lengthening days! =D


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