Friday, February 26, 2010


Aaaaaaah nothing like the weekend! It's been a long week. Nothing major happened or anything it's just been a long week. Hubby and I were talking when he got home from work about dinner. Neither of us was hungry and therefor nothing sounded good. :-( As we were talking hubby said Ice Cream sounded really good. And that got my brain a kid every now and again Mom would make what she called Backwards Suppers. Yep she'd make us dessert first!!! Sometimes it was just something as simple as a popsicle or cookie, but some times it was ice cream!!! With Backwards Supper ice cream it was often sundaes! Once I got married I started treating our kids to Backwards Suppers every now and again too. So that's what we did tonight. Banana splits with chocolate coated waffle cones, fruit or chocolate sauce, peanuts and whip cream! MMMMM what a great way to start the weekend! I've got left over roast beef and roasted chicken in the fridge for later when we get hungry!


  1. BTW Our banana splits were WAAAAAY smaller than the one in the picture! LOL

  2. Yummy! I like that idea, Backwards Suppers! We used to make banana splits at my parents' house when DH and I were first married but my mother has been gone for quite a few years from cancer and we haven't done it in a while. WE need to revive that tradition! And my brother (who has always been a bean pole) used to put milk, vanilla ice cream, cut up banana's and chocolate milk mix in the blender and make chocolate banana smoothies! Boy, were those good!


  3. Mmmmm Chocolate Banana Smoothies sound really good Jody, since I have extra nanners...that might just have to be dessert tonight! =D


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