Monday, February 15, 2010

Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial

Wow 3 posts in one about craziness! LOL

About 2 weeks ago I made some canes for doing miniature candy. I took pics and have finally gotten around to adding them to my Flickr. If you don't work with clay and are interested in purchasing some prebaked canes or finished jars of candy just send me an email! =D


  1. I love them!! I just learned how to do this at christmas and I want to try some more but have not had the time to drag all the clay stuff out yet! I am loving your book reviews even if I don't comment on every one :) Have a great day!!!

  2. Thanks Kim...I can do basic caning, but have a hard time with some of the more intricate stuff. I am aglad you are enjoying my book reviews too! You have a great day as well hun. =D

  3. love your canes - I've never had the gumption to make them but I should some day, my daughter would love them!

  4. Thanks hun....yet another reason to get my work area straightened away...I have had several folks interested in finding out 'what I can do'. I need to try making larger canes and make these candies in different scales too. Hmmm MUST GO CLEAN MY AREA!!!


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