Thursday, May 19, 2011

More dollhouse goodies!

Well I'm still wearing the same nail polish from the other day. Been too busy on the furniture to bother with changing it. lol Yesterday I finshed the armoire for the 2nd bedroom, the nightstands for the 1st bdrm,
the sink (which OMG is awesome!!!!)
and built the coffee table.
I just got the first coat of 'ceiling' paint onto 2 of the 3 shelfs. The 3rd one is waiting for the wood putty to cure. Somehow we managed to grab a crappy board that had split, but thankfully my awesome husband was able to figure out how to salvage it and make it near perfect! (Luv that man! =D)

I've also got the 2nd pair of nightstands waiting for glue to dry before assembly, and the lamps are getting painted silver to match all of the hardware. Tomorrow 9after we help a friend move into her house) I've got to run out to Hobby Lobby and return the dollhouse tile and carpet I bought. The sheets I bought are going to be to small for the rooms and rather than spend $7 a sheet, I'm going to but scrapbooking papers and decoupage them onto the floors. For the rooms getting carpeting I'm going to pick up some velvet yardage and use that instead! So instead of spending almost $60 on flooring, I should be able to get it all for around $20 or less. =D

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