Thursday, May 5, 2011

Loveseat is done!!!

Yippee, my back is finally feeling good enough to sit at my desk for several hours without more than some discomfort. (several days ago, more than 10 minutes in my chair would send me to my bed to lay down. :-( ) So I am thrilled to be on the mend! I finally finished the 1st of 2 loveseats for the barbie house. While I am very happy with how it turned out, the 2nd one will end up a little different and a little better thanks to lessons learned while building this one. But that being said I think this one looks so fun! I am still trying to decide what colors to use as the accents, but I couldn't be more happy!

I have also nearly finished repainting the vanity. This one went from hot pink and fuschia to crisp classy black and white. I still need to paint the very edges of the drawers (ugh must keep my hand steady!!!!! ) and repaint the drawer pulls silver (or gold). I haven't decided on which color pulls yet as one twin will get silver and the other gold. One gal is a girly girl and the other is a tomboy, so I'm thinking the girly girl will get the gold and the silver will go to the tomboy. So these knobs will be gold. (nothing like making a decision as it's written! lol)

The other 'big' thing I'm working on right now is seating for the bedroom. In the 2nd loveseat pic there is a curved diamond-printed chair. I bought 2 of these as the print is prefect for the tomboys room (who happens to LOVE monkeys!!!) The second chair is being painted gold and being recovered in a pretty cream fabric with gold butterflies! *sigh* So pretty. Hopefully I will be able to finish it tonight and be able to share pics of that tomorrow!


  1. Realy a lovely loveseat! :D
    * marlies

  2. it looks like you're having tons of fun with this project - keep those pics comin' !!!

  3. the loveseat and vanity look fantastic! You really did a nice paint job on the vanity- what a great house these girls are getting!


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