Friday, May 6, 2011

MOTW (fail!!!) and A new House!

I decided yesterday that I had had naked nails long enough, so I asked my oldest son to grab me a polish out of my boxes. (after explaining that I wanted a COLOR not a he brought me CoverGirls' Iceberry. I got this color in a lot of polishes I bought on ebay, so to be honest I have no idea when this came out but I'm pretty sure it's not a current color. :-( On one hand I honestly don't think that's a bad thing. Sadly this polish was not a good color on me, not to mention I've got 5 (yes FIVE) coats on each nail and this is still ridiculously sheer! VNL (which means Visible Nail Line) is something that most nail bloggers consider a bad thing. This means that you can still see through the nail that over hangs your finger tips. After 5 coats the VNL on this is glaring! So for me this color is a no go. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I might keep it for layering over other colors, or I might decide to mix my own custom color with it, or heck I might give it away.

Ok onto the new house, nope I'm not talking dollhouse, or barbie house, or honestly even brick & mortar houses...but houses on wheels! My husband and I bought a travel trailer today!!!! We've been talking about this for several years, and finally found an amazing deal on a brand new Heartland North Country travel trailer. While this floor plan isn't exactly what are is it's 95% right. I'll be taking loads of pictures over the weekend! We are going to spend Mother's Day weekend camping and I'm in the process of trying to find a campground where we can camp locally over the summer and on into the fall as well.

Well I'm off for now, but I'll be back on Monday with loads of pictures! To all the moms out there...Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Congrats on the new "home"!! Yay!
    I can relate to the nail thing though once I started up with dolls I kind of gave up painting my nails (I use acetone too much!)


  2. Thanks Erica! Thankfully I use very little acetone in my dollhouse work, so I am able to keep my nails painted most of the time. :-)

  3. Hehe! :) I still love looking at it in the stores (and admiring other people's nails LOL) but I know that with me it's just a lost cause! (Of course, I do occasionally paint the dolls' nails ;D

  4. I actually like this color! It's very girlie!!

    A camper sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see pictures of it:)

    Happy Mother's Day to you as well!!!

    ps.... Loved the love seat! And the vanity! I really like all the furniture your doing for this Barbie house! Makes me want oone of my own, lol

  5. a new camper- how fun!!!! Congrats Deborah and belated Happy Mother's Day to you!


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