Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello again, friends...

I haven't really created anything new...was gone last weekend.  My Mother-in-law passed away 3 weeks ago and we traveled home for her memorial service this past weekend.  Mom was an awesome woman and will be deeply missed.  While our trek home was for a somber reason we also were able to spend time with friends and family we haven't seen in ages...some in almost 10 years. Mom would have been thrilled that we had a wonderful time with everyone.

We are home and trying to return to normal...or whatever resembles normal in our house! I prefer the saying, "Normal is only a setting on the dryer!", it seems to suit my family perfectly!

I need to buckle down and get to work on the many commissions I have right now.  I have the fancy dinners (which have the potatoes and green beans and just need the steak and lobster), then I have 2 enchilada platters, a squad of FearLeader uniforms, as well as a custom top and skirt. O_O Eeeep geesh seeing it in print is kinda scary, MUST GET TO WORK!!!

I have been searching for a Holt Hyde ever since I fell in love with Monster High a few months ago...I am seriously kicking myself for not picking him up when they first came out...why couldn't I have adored them from the start!!!  Holt was only released in the first wave of dolls and was fetching upwards of $50 for a new in box doll...used loose dolls were often going for $30!  I missed out on him several time on evilbay.  Early last week I found a listing for a loose Holt AND a Jackson Jekyll (who is his alter ego...Jekyll & Hyde...get it! ;-D)  Well I figured what the heck I'll throw a bid on them, never in a million years figuring I'd win....but I DID!!! And I got BOTH fellas for less than what a Holt alone was going for! And it worked out to roughly original retail on them. So I'm a happy girl.

 They were waiting in the mailbox when we got home and I wasted no time deboxing them and setting them up with their best ghouls. 

I have decided to shake up the pairings as honestly I like the unusual.  I love the juxtaposition of Hot and Cold, so in my mind Holt (whose hair is flames) and Abbey (the daughter of the Abominable Snowman) seemed perfect!   And I was right, I love them together!

(Ok I'm having trouble putting text next to the pics so as much as I hate to...I'll just be captioning the pic. :-( Grrr)


Holt loves running his fingers through Abbey's cool locks.

(Ok weird...)  This is Jackson Jekyll...he's a 'Normie" (normal kid not a monster) or so everyone thinks.  What everyone discovers is that he is actually Holt Hyde too.  At least in the true MH world...in mine, well he's just another guy.  I figured who better to put with a living breathing human being than a zombie! hehehe...BUT don't he and Ghoulia look fantastic together!!!

BTW I plan to start on guy clothes really soon too, because I have 2 guys in their swim trunks and one in a horrendous pair of purple striped pants!!!! My fellas need decent clothes for sure!!!!
She likes him for his "BRAAAAAAINS!!!"

Deuce, ah poor Deuce, poor poor playa Deuce.  Sadly he's all alone and it doesn't look like Frankie or Lagoona are interesting in changing that!  BUT as soon as I find her...there is a pretty little Parisian gargoyle who is looking to 'rock' his world! heeheehee...yeah I know it was weak, but it is what it is! LOL

Clawd and Lala...the only MH couple I kept together. Why, because they are so stinking cute together!!!

Four of my 5 couples.  Left to right.  Holt and Abbey, Ghoulia and  Jackson, Nefera and her 'normie' Ken, and Gil and Cleo.

Gil and Cleo were what started my need to mix things up.  (Cleo and Deuce are supposed to be a couple as are Gil & Lagoona) But Cleo and Gil were the 1st 2 MH figures I got so I put them together.  And well she is a desert princess and he is a river monster. (dry-wet...opposites attract!)  Again I just love this pairing, I think they work really well together!
Gil and his best ghoul, Cleo

I did a post on Nefera and Ken  earlier this month. Again I love the mash-up of a seemingly stuck up monster princess (She is Cleo's older sister) and a 'commoner'.  Yet again I think these 2 are perfect for each other!

The last picture is of all my monsters together. All total I have 14 (not counting Ken)  There are a few others that I want, but other than Deuce's ghoul, none are OMG-I-MUST-GET-THEM important! I am planning to move the tote up there and set up a permanent 'home' for them.  At least this way they can be on display and not stuck in a box!

Oh I guess I completely forgot to mention Gris, she's there on the left side with Clawdeen, who is wearing red. These 2 gals are best of friends and do everything together! :-)


  1. I like your Monster High characters and their pairings. Don't leak this, but they are starting to look really cute to me. Oh, no! Cannot afford a new series. Cannot.


    And so it goes ;-D

  2. Thanks! My collection has grown quite a bit since this post, I just set up a little diorama this afternoon and will be blogging soon.

    I totally understand how you feel! I will warn you, they are ADDICTIVE! Just like pringles...once you pop, you just can't stop! LOL


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