Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today I feel very blessed!

The more involved I become in the fashion doll 'world' the more I realize what an amazing bunch of people they are. Just like I discovered when I started doing 1/12th scale miniatures as even back when I first got into polymer clay...these bunches of people are some of the coolest people out there!

My business has begun to really pick up and I have commissions coming in left and right.  Yes several of them are for trades rather than money, but honestly that thrills me just as much as seeing the balance of my Paypal account rise.  (Heck maybe even more so, because it means that someone else sees my items just as valuable as currency!)

I finally finished sewing the 4th 'sample' shirt for a customer. She was having trouble deciding on a fabric for her custom shirt so I offered to whip up a couple of quick tops.  Almost a week later, (thank goodness for patient people!) I finally got them all done.  I'm not sure where I went wrong with the pattern, but it was, well wrong!  So these 4 tops that I should have been able to knock out in a couple hours took several DAYS!  But in the end I ended up with 4 tops that will go into my shop next week as well as photographs that better depict the fabrics. (My camera hates blues and purples for some reason and they NEVER come out true to color.  However once I turn the flat fabric into wearable doll clothing the camera doesn't seem to have as much trouble.

 Of course as I was dressing my gals in their new tops I realized I was shy a skirt too...so I whipped up a quick black satin skirt too!  So without further ado, here is Blue Me Away...the new Mix n Match Top collection! =D

This is Gris wearing the last one I created today.  I decided to make the top go under the bust instead of across it.  I used some similarly colored satin ribbon to make the bust area.  I gathered the wide ribbon into toga-style straps for a little extra detailing.  It closes in the back with a single snap.

Thankfully the sun came back out so I was able to get some decent shots of the girls out in the rocks in my backyard.  Gris is wearing a denim skirt I made too.  Although this one won't make it  into my shop a variation of it will.  I used some black grosgrain ribbon down the sides for interest.

Ghoulia is my next model.  She is wearing a lilac and blue wood-grain patterned top.  This was the first one I made and realized there was a problem. With this one I added the matching under-bust ribbons and the bow at the back.  I also used a small metal O-ring and some chain for the straps.  I think it's edgy, yet soft and sophisticated.

I know that all of these girls have the exact same body, but there is just something about Ghoulia...she is just a natural model.  I got the best shots from her!

This fabric is the one my customer chose, so there will be a new top from this being made next week.

Next up is sweet Frankie, wearing a pale blue and gold top. This material has some beautiful fans printed on it and the design is outlined in gold.  I chose a complimentary gold ribbon to create the criss-crossing straps. This one closes with a hook n eye in the back.  This top would be perfect for a winged monster!

Frankie also wears the quick skirt I sewed up.  Of course it wasn't until I had 2 of the 4 seams sewn that I realized I forgot to change the thread in my sewing machine! OOOPS! lol
Hook n Eye closure

 Abbey...I just adore this girl, both her character in the cartoon and as a figure.  She is very honest, up-front and often comes across as being abrupt.  But this girl pulls no punches and I adore that about her.

This is my favorite fabric of the 4, so be prepared to see it again soon! ;-)

The last photo is one of all 4 girls together.  This pic started out as just a way for my customer to compare the fabrics side by side, but I just love this shot!
Ghoul Power!


  1. Isn't it amazing? I just got into the miniature stuff, myself, and I've been blown away by how wonderful people are XD

    The mix and match collection looks lovely!!! I love how all the girls wearing them are blue-ish too XD

  2. Thanks Heather. My customer wanted the top for a pale skinned doll, whom unfortunately I don't. But I figured my own pale blue and grey gals would be great to show them off! Even though there was some frustration with these pieces, I am very happy with them and look forward to adding them to my shop.

  3. They are all beautiful Deborah! I love them. Do you visit any blogs about customizing the dolls? If you do I would love it if you could share some links- I have a doll I want to customize but I don't even know where to start. Your outfits all look so polished and perfect- sewing so small has got to be a challenge!

  4. Kim, I honestly haven't done too much with customizing them other than repainting lips. BUT if you search Custom Paint Barbie...you will find TONS of website devoted to making OOAK Barbies. ALL of this information can be used for Monster High dolls as well!

    I enjoy the challenge of sewing small things, although honestly I have more trouble sewing full sized clothing than I do doll sized! lol

  5. They all look great! You are right. You meet some of the best people in the doll world.

  6. Deborah, you are so right. I just love the people I've met since I started collecting. You're also not alone in the sewing frustration department. It always seems that what is supposed to be a simple job turns out to be a major turn of events trying to fix one thing or the other. Fortunately your collection turned out fantastic and your girls look great in them.



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