Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello Bloggy friends!!!  I hope you are all having a good week so far!  My week has been a bit chaotic, but just got so much better! A customer of mine just featured me on her blog and did a review of me and my little doll goodies!  I am just over the moon right now and can't stop smiling! =D

When she received her last order she mentioned that she'd like to do a review and I of course agreed.  And then promptly put it out of my head!  So imagine my surprise and glee when a post about ME showed up in my blogroll!  I happily invite you to go visit Emily at The Toy Box Philosopher!

(Of course this means I need to hunker down and get more goodies in my shop! Thankfully that was my plan for this weekend anyways, so I'll just bump it up to start tomorrow instead!)

  I am steadily working away at several commissions I have on the table right now, but sometimes my brain and my fingers don't want to co-operate so I pull out little things that are either unfinish or well mindless and switch gears a bit to refresh.  I ran into this problem earlier this week so I found this chocolate donut I had made ages was plain.  Um really, plain chocolate donuts...I think not!  So I slathered on a healthy portion of vanilla frosting and added loads of chocolate shavings!  Much better now! :-)

This is where the 'mindless' bit came in.  I got it in my head that I needed to make a serving dish full of green peas.  So I mixed up a wonderful shade of pea green and set to work rolling 8 billion fresh spring peas! This dish took me about 2 days to do, since I'd roll about an inch worth of clay (which sadly really didn't amount to much) at a time.  But in the end I think it turned out great!

I finally set aside my fear of these steaks for another commission and just sat down and said, "I'm doing them!" In the end they didn't take that long nor did they turn out horrid like I expected them too! (They have since been varnished to show off the grill marks! :-D ) Once I got the steaks finished I realized that the first set of loaded baked potatoes I made back HERE, were too small.  So I made another set and I am much happier with these as well!

Next fear to set aside is the lobster tails that will finish off this dish.  Um yeah, still a little freaked at those! BUT they will get done...eventually!

I am working on some resin goodies right now as well and hopefully will have those to share soon! HUGS!

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