Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday...the wee hours.

Hmm probably shouldn't have taken a nap about 3:45 this afternoon...granted in my own defense I had a headache and only planned to sleep for an hour and a half...well needless to say it was 3 hours later when I woke up!!  One of these days I will remember to leave my phone (alarm clock) on the other side of the room! lol

I got up and got started making some pasta salad to go with dinner. Thank goodness I had the forethought to chop all the veg and get it marinating in the dressing before I went and laid down. So all I really had to do was cook the pasta.

 My husband was supposed to be away at a conference this weekend and yesterday my oldest was at his gf's birthday, so I had planned a cook out over our fire pit for me and our younger two.  Unfortunately the wind was too wild last night to safely have an open fire, so we put it off until today. I gather a bit of kindling and got the fire started while the boys gathered more wood.  We roasted hot dogs over the fire and enjoyed them with pasta salad and baked beans.  Then of course we roasted marshmallows!  It was a great way to spend the evening, albeit a bit cold still.  This weather is crazy btw! O_O  We are definitely looking forward to more outdoor cooking this summer!

 I am nearly finished with the 'fancy dinner' or Dinner Date Meal, as I've been calling it.  I finally sat down and said the heck with my fears I'm sculpting these darned lobster tails.  I gotta say I am pretty thrilled with the way it turned out!  The baked potatoes got 'loaded' and this commission is almost complete.  I am also making a basket of garlic bread and a pair of desserts.  I haven't decided exactly what kind of desserts, but I am going to make a selection and then allow my customer to choose her 2 favorites.  In addition to the personal cheesecakes I made earlier this month, I am also making some heart shaped Panna Cottas, some chocolate molten lava cakes as well as a couple of cake slices.  What ever my customer doesn't choose will go into my shop next week.

 This is another commission that I mailed out Saturday morning.  These are some more of those personal cheescakes in Lemon Cherry and Cherry Limeade.  I also created a custom chocolate cupcake in a silver liner with teal fondant frosting with white and silver polka dots.  Oh and we can't forget the blush champagne!  Funny story about this champange...I used nail polish to tint my other wine glasses with no trouble, so when this customer asked for a blush champagne, I went to my polish stash and was thrilled to find the perfect shade!  I coated the glasses like I normally did and waited.  Well about an hour later I went back to add another coat only to discover that this polish was eating through the plastic!!!!  Needless to say I freaked out a bit!  Thankfully once I explained my dilemna to my customer he was more than willing to wait a few more days while I tried to figure out a solution.  Sadly the nail polish glass was a complete fail, but this one turned out perfectly!

 And speaking of FAILS...this was a huge one!  I love fish tanks and have wanted to make one in Barbie scale FOR EVER!!! So when I found these adorable tanks I scooped up a couple and set to work. I knew I wanted them at varying levels in the water and I really really  really wanted to set them in resin.  Well needless to say the whole effort was a fail.  These tanks (which are about 3 inches wide and 2 inches high) used WAY TOO MUCH resin to make them cost effective to sell in my shop as well as making them very heavy which would make shipping prices go up. :-(  So I set it aside for a few days, sculpted some fish of my own and pondered.

<---- This is fish tank version 2.0 and YEAH I am soooo stinking happy it's not even funny! These little fishes are the ones I sculpted and I figured out a way to suspend them in the tank at varying levels and the tank is nice and clear.  My next task will be to create a lid for the tank.  Because you need a lid to keep the cats out right???  (not to mention a lid will disguise the left over glue that won't come off! lol)

The glue on this one is still wet, hence the white ring at the bottom.  But I will hopefully be listing a couple of these in my shop next week!


  1. Now I am really hungry for a hot dog and toasted marshmallows!
    Your little fish turned out great! The look happy. :D
    Question: are your foods in 1:12 scale? Guess I should go look around in your shop...
    Hope the rest of your weekend in wonderful!

  2. Dinner last night WAS yummy! =D
    I'm glad you like the fishtank. Sadly right now 90% of what I make is in 1/6th (barbie/fashion doll) scale. I started out doing 1/12th, but for me things didn't sell well. So I moved up in scale to Barbie sized and things have been going really well! I do still have a few things in 1/12th scale and will take commissions based on what is requested! :-)

  3. I LOVE the fish tanks!!! I can't wait to see more of them! :)

  4. I'm just so impressed with your work gal - and that cook out looked fun even if it was a bit cold. That just makes the fire that much more enjoyable !!!

  5. Thanks Heather and Ban! I've got a 2nd tank in the works. And Yes the fire was wonderful! I think we will do it again this Friday if the wind permits!

  6. You are so talented it is not even funny! I really like the fish tanks. I'll be back to see more.


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